Gotta Be You

How meeting her 5 role models changed her life. From being suicidal and depressed to always happy. This is her story.


5. True Love...

Alyssa see's the sign. "Welcome to Melbourne". Charlotte and Alyssa turn to each other and let out a short but loud squeal. Charlottes father chuckles as he continues driving to their motel.

Arriving at the motel Charlotte and Alyssa ran upstairs to their room, Charlottes father booked 2 rooms so the girls can have a room to theirself.

"So it's 2pm now and we have to be at the concert by 5pm" Charlotte says looking down at her watch. They spend hours putting on makeup and getting ready. Charlotte had her blonde hair in a high waterfall braid and was wearing a strped top, red skinny jeans and a pair of vans. Alyssa had her hair out and curled and was wearing tight balck skinny jeans, vans and a light pink top with a blazer over the top.

"Oh crap! It's 4:30!" Charlotte yelled. They hurried to the room next door to get Charlotes father and off they went to the concert that could change their lives forever.


"Could this line go any slower?" Alyssa moaned continuously staring at her iPhone. As they finally made their way to the front of the line they handed their tickets to the tall yet very muscly security man. Alyssa's had butterfly's jittering around in her stomach but had no clue why. Maybe she could sense something bad was going to happen. Or maybe it was just something life changing.

As they found their seats at the front of the stage, they kept looking down at their VIP badges and just couldn't believe that this was actually happening.

"AND NOW FOR WHAT YOU HAVE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR...... ONE DIRECTION!" A man yells with a microphone behind stage. As the 5 boys looking stunning as always walk onto the stage Charlotte and Alyssa could not control their excitement. Apparently nor could one of the fans as poor Harry got a bra thrown at him.

"Baby you light up my world like nobody else." Sang the 5 boys as well as the crowd in front of them. Everyone was having a great time until the show came to an end. But it wsn't over for Charlotte and Alyssa. They were so excited to meet One Direction. They were taken by security to a small door that had a sign that read "Backstage, VIP or authorized personel only"

The security men opened the door and said to the girls.

"The boys will see you out when they are ready to go. Have fun" With smiles on their faces. Hoilding hands, Charlotte and Alyssa entered the room and saw 5 young boys sitting on amps with drinkbottles in one hand and a towel in the other.

"Hi girls!" Said Louis with a smirk on his face.

"Hi!" Charlotte squealed. But Alyssa was speechless, all she could see was one of the boys sitting in the corner isolated with his head in his hands. She inspected the other boys only to realise that it was Harry.  He was looking really down and depressed. Liam noticed Alyssa staring.

"He's been pretty upset since Taylor and him ended things. maybe you could cheer him up?" Liam asked.

"I guess I could try." Alyssa said nervously. The short walk towards Harry felt like it was taking forver she held her stomach and nervously spoke to him.

"Hi Harry." She said quietly.

"Hi." He said very short and bluntly.

"Are you okay?" She said nervously.

"No, i'm not really up to talking about it but thankyou for asking." He said giving her a fake smile.

"Well is there anything I could do to cheer you up?" She asked.

"Not really but thankyou for asking." He said turning his head away. Alyssa went to turn around but the boys and Charlotte were sending her gestures to try again. Alyssa grabbed Harry's hand and pulled a pen out of her handbag. She began to write digits on his number.

"What's this for?" Harry asked puzzled.

"Incase you ever feel like talking, here is my number." Alyssa said smiling. They hugged and Alyssa walked away. After a long and great conversation with the rest of the boys, it was time for the girls to head off. The boys felt a really strong connection with these girls, like nothing they have experienced before so they all hugged and exchanged numbers and with that the girls were off.

Harry was still in the corner before they left but he flashed them a smile and blew Alyssa a kiss. Something felt really right about giving him her phone number.

They both jumped in Charlotte's dad's car and went back to the motel for a good night sleep. But just before Alyssa went to bed she heard her phone vibrate......


Hope you guys are enjoying the story so far! Please like the story and comment below if you have any ideas you would ike to contribute. :) xx

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