Gotta Be You

How meeting her 5 role models changed her life. From being suicidal and depressed to always happy. This is her story.


2. Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will always hurt me.

BEEP! BEEP! She smashes her alarm down loudly hoping it had been smashed by the force of her oen hands and her bedside table. She dragged her legs over the edge of the bed and pushed her messy brown hair out of her mascara smudged face. She slowly pulls herself up out of bed still worrying about what she had done last night. She uses her foundation to cover up the soon to be scars she had given herself ast night. She looks in th mirror and gets a facewipe to wipe off the stained macara under her eyes and on her cheek. She looks in the mirror again and can't hep but just stare at all the faults her body is made up off. She feels all the pain rush back to her head and just before she breaks down she hears her mothers comforting voice.
"Alyssa hurry up otherwise you won't have time for breakfast!" Her mother yells from downstairs.
"Coming!" She screams back. Tying her hair up in a messy bun, she quickly throws on her ironed scool clothe hanging of her bed head and smacks on her makeup, she takes one last look in the mirror and with a big sig she leaves her room slamming the door behind her. She walks down stairs to see her beautiful mother cooking her breakfast.

Alyssa looks at her watch quickly. The time read 8:45am.
"Crap! I'm going to miss the bus!" Alyssa yells, she gives her mum a kiss on the cheek, yanks her bag off the chair and runs out the door. Arriving at the bus stop, Alyssa notices a very suspicious looking man in his car parked right near her bus stop, this is the third time she has seen this man at the bus stop this week. Luckily the bus arrived at her stop before she began to overthink his presence. She takes a long and deep breath and prepares herself for a long day as she walks onto the bus.

Laughter fills the bus as Alyssa makes her way to the seat she sits in everyday, she hears the words slut bitch and anorexic being thrown around on the bus and tries to push the words away. She slumps down in her seat and puts her headphones in, blocking out all the hurtful words that fill her mind.

"Baby you light up my world like nobody else" She sings quietly to herself, she hears a thump and turns around pulling out her headphone to see Staycee making her way towards her.
"Hey bitch" She yells out to Alyssa.

"Please. Just leave me alone" Alyssa says to her. She puts her headphones in and turns the other way but Staycee comes up to her face and rips out her headphones. Alyssa's body trembles with fear. Staycee punches her in the stomach making Alyssa groan loudly. The bus bursts into laughter even the bus driver lets out a chuckle. Staycee makes her way back to her seat with everyone cheering a her while Alyssa still holds her stomach. Alyssa clenches her fists but loosens her grip as she knows what will happen if she even thinks about fighting back. She lets out another big sigh and puts her headphones in just trying to forget about what just happened.

Alyssa goes to get off the bus but is pushed over by Staycee and two of her friends. They walk over her and jump off the bus laughig while Ayssa builds u the courage to get off the bus. As the bus doors shut and egins todrive away, Alyssa's stomach turns upside down as she knows there is know escap from this hell hole until the bus returns at the end of the day.

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