Gotta Be You

How meeting her 5 role models changed her life. From being suicidal and depressed to always happy. This is her story.


3. School Life

As she entered the schoolgates and paced along the walkway, she could feel people's judgemental stares bore through her back. Everywhere she went she would turn heads. Still continuing to listen to her music, she entered the corridors roaming alone until she was interupted from her daze by being pushed loudly into a locker.

"Ahhhhh!" She yelled grasping tightly to her stomach. The corriders broke out into laughter and all pointed and stared. Alyssa felt like rying. She saw all those faces just laughing and judging, yet noone was brave enough to help her. She finally got up and made her way to her locker grabbing all her books and work with just enough time to make it to class. Slowly walking through the empty hallway she sighed with relief and was so glad she could have just a minute of peace and quiet. A moment just for her, to savour for as much time as she can unti she was interupted.

"Oof!" Moaned a girl as she bumped into Alyssa making them both fall to the ground.

"Ouch!" Yelled Alyssa rubbing her head slowly making her way up.

"I am so sorry!" Said the mysterious girl helping eachother up. Alyssa stared at her, unsure of who she was.

"Are you knew here?" Alyssa questioned her raising one eyebrow still investigating her head to toe.

"Oh where are my manners? I'm Charotte." She said reaching out offering to shake Alyssa's hand. Alyssa shook her hand and replied;

"I'm Alyssa."

They bean to alk to class realising they were in the same classes today. As they entered the classroom all eyes were at them as they were late to class.

"Tardy again Alyssa" The teacher said rudely. Alyssa and Charlotte mae their way to the two seats left in the classroom at the back. After a long two periods of History and English, it was time for recess. Alyssa and Charlotte made their way to the tuckshop and bought their food. They found a shady spot under a tree on the oval to sit on and talk. Alyssa told her how she was the laughing stock of the school and how everyone would hurt her everday. Charlotte told Alyssa how she was exactly the same at her old school. After another long 4 periods of being made fun of and a lunch where we both hid from the bullies it was finally home time. They hugged as Alyssa jumped on the bus and Charlotte began to walk home.

It was one of the days that Alyssa actualy felt happy for a glimpse second in a very, very long time.

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