Gotta Be You

How meeting her 5 role models changed her life. From being suicidal and depressed to always happy. This is her story.


6. Messages can change your life.

A/N Hey guys i have decided to write the story in POV from each character now, i think it will make a little more sense and will sound so much better. So hope you like it :) xxx


Alyssa POV;

I hear my phone vibrate loudly against my desk, I feel nervous. I look at the phone and it pop up with Unkown Number. I worry that it could be some random who was stalking me. I am a very anxious person and see a lot of bad in people. What if it was my step father. I deleted his number after what happened with me and him and he divorced my mum. I unlock my phone, and glance down at the phone;

"Thanks for trying to cheer me up tonight, I really appreciate it. Perhaps we could meet up sometime tomorrow?

-Harry xx"

Reading the message made a huge dorky grin appear in my face until Charlotte walked in and I immediately wiped it off my face.

"What was that?" Charlotte asked giving me a suspicious look.

"Just got a message from... My Dad" I said hesitating.

"Mhmm I'm sure, well anyway goodnight" she said giggiling and walking out of my room. I quickly turned back to my phone an replied;

"I'm glad to help. Of course I would love to see you tomorrow, lunch date?

-Alyssa x" I felt so stupid after sending hat message. You know that really horrible feeling deep down when ou sent a stupid message and know matter how hard you try you can never take it back? Well that's what I was feeling. But minutes later my phone buzzed again. It was Harry;

"Sure babe, I'll pick you up at 1?"

"Okay :)"

I squealed quietly but apparently loud enough for Charlotte to hear, she ran into my bedriim asking what i was doing so i decided it was time to tell her. She was very happy for me but i could tell something was wrong.

"What's worng?" I asked my face slightly frowning.

"Nothing. It's just, I guess I kinda feel alone now." She said frowning.

"I have an idea, go to bed Char you look tired I'll talk to you tomorrow." I gave her a hug and with that she was asleep within minutes. I messaged Niall and asked if he was interested in a double date.He was quick to reply with an enthusiastic yes. After a few more cute messages to Harry I was feeling so tired that I passed out on my bed.

Charlottes POV

Walking back to my room I felt really glum. I felt bad for raining on Alyssa's parade but I couldn't help but think about myself. I feel really selfish. Sitting in my room, I was thinking of ways to apologise to Alyssa and make it up to her when my phone went crazy. It was an unkown number so I answered with precaution.


"Hey Char! It's Niall"

"Oh my! Hey!"

"I was just wondering if you would like to go out to lunch with me tomorrow?"

"I would love to!" I said happily.

"Okay well I will talk to you tomorrow." Niall said. After saying our goodbyes I hung up. I was so excited. I tried to stop myself from squealing, I don't want to wake up Alyssa. After an hour of roughly deciding on what to wear i switched off my lights and fell asleep hugging my phone and teddy bear.

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