is it him

hope nahl has had a very hard life with boys but that chages when she moves to
london she meets one direction and shes a directioner well she spend her life with one of them


7. Spending time with 3 angry boys

Niall's P.O.V

once I saw liam talking to my cousin I was so worried did he ask her out

"hey hope and liam" I said

"hey cousin"hope hugged me while she talked

Liam's P.O.V

"Niall may I have a word please" I said hoping he says yes

"sure Liam see you at lunch hope" Niall smiled as he talked

"Niall I like your cousin and I need to know about her and if its ok with you" I looked down as I said

"Liam James Payne you can ask her but she likes coffee and her favorite color is red" Niall smiled

"Thanks Niall" I was so happy I could ask her out I was running trying to find her table and I did the table I always sit I finally sat down next to her Niall sat right across from her

"hey hope can I ask you something" I asked little bit worried

"sure Liam" hope smiled did she like me too?

"would you like to hang out at the coffee shop after school" I smiled looking into eyes

"sure Liam" she smiled when she said that school was over





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