is it him

hope nahl has had a very hard life with boys but that chages when she moves to
london she meets one direction and shes a directioner well she spend her life with one of them


2. school

i finally got to school i only knew one face i looked like my cousin niall (i got this idea from erica wolf bluewater with her book 

only you) "hope is that u"niall said 

"ya niall?"i repiled 

"yep that's me so ill show u around"niall said trying to not be crushed over

"so what class do u have next?"i asked niall right when i get a text 

"great a text from my dad"i said not so happy the text said he well tell me the tickets he got i texted back saying what tickets

then niall tries to look at my phone

"NIALL!"i said while he was looking

"sorry u got text by the way"niall said

"thanks niall"i said

"np"niall said while put a smile on his face.i read the text and almost screamed

"omg omg OMG"i screamed without knowing

"what hope"niall said

"i got tickets to see my favorite band 1D"i whispered

"cool well we better get to class i have drama"niall said kinda woried

"what now niall"i said

"well im niall from 1D"niall said as he looked down

"i knew it!"i yelled whispered

"how did u know"niall looked up and said

"da niall i knew cause when i heard someone from 1D was named niall i learned about him and then knew it was u"i said frowning

"its ok here is drama class"niall said

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