is it him

hope nahl has had a very hard life with boys but that chages when she moves to
london she meets one direction and shes a directioner well she spend her life with one of them


1. moving

"wow this is are new house" i said

"ya"dad said with happiness 

"go to sleep u got school tommarow and i got to get tickets for something"dad said

"fine"i said sorta mad.I wondered what the tickets were to but he well never say tell he gets them. it better not be justin bieber hes ok im just not a fan.i pulled out my phone with a zayn malik case and background on it and check my facebook.

then i feel alsleep.

~next day~

my alarm went off and i woke up and saw i was going to be late for my first day



thanks for reading my first book ill make more when i can

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