is it him

hope nahl has had a very hard life with boys but that chages when she moves to
london she meets one direction and shes a directioner well she spend her life with one of them


3. drama class

As i walk in everyone turned to look at me i tried to hide my face

"well hello"mrs.welson said

"hi im hope"i say as I turn to see a cute smile I didn't know him but he looked just like Louis 1D at my school am I crazy

"any questions for hope"mrs.welson almost yelled whats up with her I see a guy that looked like zayn with his hand up

"zayn go ahead"mrs.welson yelled this time and when she said zayn I look down and saw I was wearing my 1D top and red jeans opps

"do you have a boyfriend cause the sass master likes you"zayn laughed as he said sass master

"hey im not sassy zayn geez"louis screamed

"YOU TO STOP IT NOW"mrs.welson yelled AGAIN we spent the whole drama class talking and asking questions

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