is it him

hope nahl has had a very hard life with boys but that chages when she moves to
london she meets one direction and shes a directioner well she spend her life with one of them


9. concert time!

i invited my cousin and best friend to the concert Denisse and shaina so Denisse was in love with liam Shanina liked bad boys and likes Zayn i have to go pick them up as i looked at the tickets i forgot to tell my friend they were backstage tickets i pulled out  my iphone that has a 1D phone case and louis background i texted Shanina first then texted Denisse and told them that i was coming "bye hope"my dad said said waving "bye dad"i said getting in the car i turned on the radio and but on my c.d. the first song was live while were young hey girl im waiting on ya im waiting on ya i sang along to the whole song and after the song i got to Shainas house and one of her favorite songs by 1D was kiss you and that was playing "Hey Shaina"i said when she got in "Hey i can't wait to see Zayn"she said smileing i told you she loved him we were on are way to pick up Denisse but we say the tour bus 1D tour bus and Zayn waved at Shaina she smiled back and i blew Louis a kiss and he blew one back "Omg Louis likes you and Zayn likes me"Shaina said that right when are phones rang i made Shaina read it but it was about twitter "what does it say for me"i said "It says for you Louis Tomlinson is following you"Shanina said "Yay what does yours say"i said "It say Zayn Malik is following you"Shaina screamed "OMG ZAYN LIKES YOU"i screamed we finally got to Denisse house and we were all quiet in the car then we got to the concert and they sang one thing what makes you beautiful and more it was time to go backstage we had the only backstage tickets but when we got there louis was holding my hand "Hey you two are the girls we saw in that car"Harry said Winking at Denisse but the liam winked at her "so are you free on friday"zayn said to Shaina "yea i am"Shaina said looking zayn in the eyes "hope we could have a double date"Louis said "Yea we could"i said smileing "Or maybe a triple date"Liam said "Yea im in"Denisse said

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