A Day Never To Forget (One Direction Not Famous)

Seventeen year old Melissa Parker thought she was just going to the market to get her mothers groceries. Little did she know she was about to begin a whole new journey involving love, sacrifice, and so many questions trying to be solved. Who was this mysterious boy that so suddenly saved her life? What did they want from her? And most importantly, How would Melissa save the random stranger she was desperately in love with? The only time Melissa escapes her nightmare of a life, is with her beautiful voice, with the accompaniment of her new lover's.


1. Market

CRASH! My eyes fling open and I immediately leap out of bed. I listen to hear more, but there is just silence. I shove on my slippers and dash downstairs. When I turn the sharp corner leading to the kitchen, I see my mother, with about a ton of pans around her arms. I notice the spare one that must have slipped, which caused the loud noise. I take a sigh of relief. "Melissa Mae Parker, don't just stand there, HELP me!" I obediently bend down and pick up the pan on the hardwood floor, as well as the ones mother was clinging on. "Sorry, for waking you up so early, Hon. I was trying to make breakfast, and well, lets just say i'm going to need to make a quick stop at Rogers." My ears spring up. Rogers? It's just a food market, mom would have to let me drive there! She catches my glance. "Melissa,-" she begins. "Mom I know i just got my drivers license and I know you don't trust me but how else am i going to learn how to drive better? Please, Katie's mom always lets her drive to the mall and-" "Alright, alright, Melissa... But only because I desperately need eggs, and my head is aching." I smile. "Thanks, mom, you won't regret it!". I burst up the stairs, and, being the klutz I am, trip over my own cell phone charger. I slam my forehead on my desk, and pain shoots through my forehead. I'm alright, i'm alright i think to myself. I dress myself in a casual striped tank top with a pastel green blazer, and deep blue colored jeans. I'm in the bathroom when I notice the giant bruise on my forehead. I cover it up with makeup, put my long dark brown hair down in a braid behind my back, and add a bit of my favorite Baby Lips. After brushing my teeth and slipping on my Doc Martens, I grip the keys my mother handed to me in my right hand. Here we go, my first drive on my own, I think with a giant smile on my face.I step into the car and turn on the engine. When I back out onto the driveway, I know there's no turning back. Excitement shoots through my entire body, and as I glide onto the street, I finally find the feeling iv'e been craving for years. Freedom. After a minute or two, I finally pay attention to where I have been going, and realize iv'e just past Roger's. I sigh, and begin turning back. I start going on the lane, when I notice the big bump ahead. The car leaps up, and I have just managed to save a glass of water from spilling, but, turned on the radio full blast in the process. When my eyes are back on the road and i'm hearing "Call me Maybe" on level 66 volume, i'm on the freeway. Nice job Melissa! I say aloud. As i'm adjusting the volume of the radio, a crazy madman switches onto my lane unexpectedly. Going to fast, I switch to the lane he was on. Bad decision. Wrong lane! Losing control of the wheel, the car swerves off of the road, crushing the fence between the street and complete wilderness. After several minutes of attempting to turn around, I give up and begin hitting the breaks. When I don't stop, panic shoots through me like a bullet. My head shoots up. I see the car getting closer and closer to a cliff stretching out between two trees. Not thinking at this point, I grip the wheel as hard as I dare, and turn it all to one side. Right when I start heading in the opposite direction of the cliff, a pain shoots through my heart and I begin breathing heavily. Oh no. Not here. Not an asthma attack now! I think. I just have time to grip my inhaler as the car lurches toward the cliff. I turn around, avoiding what's to come, when I see a boy with brown curls and perfect hazel eyes looking my way. Blackness bores into my eyes and I black out.

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