A Day Never To Forget (One Direction Not Famous)

Seventeen year old Melissa Parker thought she was just going to the market to get her mothers groceries. Little did she know she was about to begin a whole new journey involving love, sacrifice, and so many questions trying to be solved. Who was this mysterious boy that so suddenly saved her life? What did they want from her? And most importantly, How would Melissa save the random stranger she was desperately in love with? The only time Melissa escapes her nightmare of a life, is with her beautiful voice, with the accompaniment of her new lover's.


2. Lost and found

I wake up in my moms car. Was i Dreaming? i thought to myself. The obvious answer was no when I tried sitting up. I felt like thousands of knives were piercing my back at once. I wince. "Careful, You don't want to hurt yourself even more." I open the door of the car screaming,startled by the voice, and just as i step out, I fall to the ground. I  scream once again in pain. The sound of the car door closing startled me. I close my eyes, thinking iv'e been having hallucinations, probably a side effect of the car crash. Just then a protective arm wraps around me and lifts me up. "WHO ARE YOU WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME!" i scream, wincing from the pain. I open my eyes, and see the gorgeous boy. Perfect brown curls. Gentle Hazel eyes. Perfectly formed lips. "oh, im- uh.. Sorry. Im Melissa." I manage to say. "Don't apologize. Look what i did to your car!" he replies sympathetically. Still in his arms, I turn and see the car, Moms blue metallic Highlander, crushed into a tree, windows shattered, tires off. I gasp. The boy snaps me out of the trance i was in. "and look what i did to you." His eyes met mine, and for a second, just a second, i thought he would kiss me. I was so confused, i didn't know what to do, or say, all that came out was "uhm..err...yea." Suddenly, a jolt of pain stabbed my heart. I began breathing heavily. Before i could say anything, the boy carried me on his back, and climbed the cliff. You could see his muscles bulging out as he did. The boy set me in his car at the top of the hill and kept telling me to stay with him. I was so confused, everything was one big blur. Him yelling at me to stay awake, telling me if i slept i may never wake up again. He yanked me up on his shoulder and ran into the emergency room. When i woke up, i was wearing an uncomfortable cast around my waist, a large cast on my leg, and i was connected to many breathing tubes. i looked around for the boy, but only saw my mothers worried eyes, her crying, asking if i would ever be the same, if i would be okay. Moments later, I would faint again, it became a process. wake up, hear voices, faint. One time it was different. i woke up to find my mother smiling at me saying it was time to go home. I was confused, but glad, so i agreed. on the way back, my mother told me that the boy was the one that cut in front of her car, and she said that the boy's name was Harry Styles. She said he felt so terrible he arrested himself. I had to stay in a wheelchair for six weeks, and no school, but after that, everything would be back to normal and all i would have to do is go to physical therapy. I was glad that everything would be okay,but deep in my heart, i knew that the boy who almost killed me, Harry Styles, was someone i needed to know more about. Someone i cared about. The next 6 weeks went by really quickly, and by that time, i was up and running and Harry was out of jail. I had gotten 3 letters from him saying he was so sorry and i should never speak to him again. But i did. I called him, and we talked, for hours at a time. Slowly, very slowly, i was beginning to forgive him. Then one day, as i was walking to school, i noticed  very familiar locks of golden brown hair. I ran to him. something about him made me want more. But just as i was about to say the first word to his face, he looked at me, eyes wide open, and ran away. Confused and sad, I walked back to school. But i made a vow. And that was to find the truth about Harry Styles, the boy who almost killed me, but also saved my life.

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