Little Miss Not So Perfect

My name is Mitzi Fresly, I have light brown hair with natural honey highlights. My parents think I'm perfect, but I'm not. In reality I go to bars, have sex, and make myself seem irrestible to get anything I want. All that changes when I meet 5 boys that make my whole world upside down.


7. This is awkward.

Mitzi's P.O.V


"It's a surprise." Niall said.

"Niall, I don't like surprises. The last time I got a surprise, I-." I stopped myself from saying what happened between me and Drew. It wasn't important.

"The last time you got a surprise, you what?" He questioned me.

"Oh, nothing. Absolutely... nothing." I said getting quieter and quieter. Niall looked at me suspiciously, but let it go after a while.

"Ok, lets go." Niall said, rubbing his hands together, after doing one single clap.

*In the car*

We stopped at a light. I was shivering. Niall liked the cold. I didn't, for fuck's sakes I live in Las Vegas. It's a desert. I like the heat.

"You're really cold, Mitz?" I looked at him because 'Mitz' was my nickname that Drew gave me.

"Um, yeah I guess I love the heat." I told him unsteady. I felt like he knew I was distracted.

"I guess hot girls like the heat." I felt really uncomfortable. He endlessly hits on me. He starts chuckling.

"Why are you chuckling?" I ask.

"Well, I really like you and you push me away. Why is that?" He asked.

"I like you too, Niall... but..." I trailed off

"But, what?" He asked. I told him the story about Drew. He looked down and shook his head in disappointment.

"That son of a bitch! I'd kill him." He spat.

"Tell me about it. 3 years wasted on that guy." I rolled my eyes, but held back tears at the last words I said.

"So that's why you hate surprises?" He asked. I nodded. I put my head down in sorrow.

"Yes, because he basically surprised by fucking that skank." I clenched my fist, but Niall unclenched them and held my hand, caressing it the same time watching him use soft, gentle movements on it, making it tingle... in a good way.

"That's rough. His loss. A guy who loses a beautiful Directioner, much like yourself, doesn't know how to pick a girl." He smiled. I put my head back up. We both got closer and closer and closer. A car honks and we both back away, looking at the back and the front. The light is now green.

"We should probably go to the 'surprise'." I laughed.

"Yeah, we probably should." He rubbed the back of his neck and laughed awkwardly.

*At Circus Circus*

"What are we doing here?" I asked.

"Just wait." He put on a black hoodie and put his head down. "Don't make yourself obvious." enunciating each word.

"Ok." I walk as normal.

"Where are we going, um..." I looked around "'Neil'?" He chuckled.

"Just take a take a left here, 'Bitsy.'" He said laughing. I rolled my eyes and looked a sign in the entrance of the Adventure Dome.

"Reserved for the day." I read out loud. "Ni- 'Neil', it's reserved." I spoke, pointing at the sign.

"I know, 'Bitsy'. Just get in there."

"Ok." I felt like it was wrong, but what can go wrong? I opened the curtain. Niall soon followed in. I saw the other boys. I haven't spoke to them at all. We barely even had a conversation the night we had the six some.

"Oh my fucking god. OH MY FUCKING GOD! OH... MY... FUCKING... GOD!!" I spoke out loud. Wasn't the smoothest thing ever to say to superstars, but how would you react.

"That's what she said." Harry and Louis said in unison. I smirked, noticing it did sound like sex sounds.

"I don't remember saying that to you the night we all fucked." I said, smirking.

"You just got told." Niall said.

"Good one, Mitzi." Zayn said.

"Oh, shit." Liam said surprised also looking at Louis's "OH HELL NO" look.

"You're cheeky. I like it." Harry said to me and then winked.

"Cheeky? The bitch is sassy. You think you can out sass the "Sass Masta from Doncasta?"

"Who are you calling a bitch? I got class." I fanned myself "Sass." I did the "talk to the hand, girlfriend" movement. " And a whole lot of..." I spanked my thigh. "Ass." I said to Louis.

"Oh yes, you do." Zayn said. Each of them looked at my butt, tilting their heads slightly to the right.

"I think you just explained me, but good one Mitzi. You'll get me next time." He smiled and shook my hand ending it there. I rolled my eyes. I turned to Niall, looking all around. I was mesmerized of how empty this place was.

"Niall, did you plan this?" I asked him. My eyes were sparkling and I was truly touched.

"Well..." Niall said scratching the back of his neck.

"Are you kidding me? He did it all. He told Liam to rent this place because he didn't want you to think we were players for all we did that night." Louis spoke out suddenly not letting Niall speak.

"Niall, I-I'm touched." I told you. He was leaning in. I turned around quickly.

"So..." I rubbed my hands together. "Who's ready to ride these rides?" I asked. Niall was mumbling something, but I couldn't hear him properly.

"What was that, Niall?" I questioned him.

"I didn't say anything." He said embarrassed.


Niall's P.O.V


"So... Who's ready to ride these rides?" Mitzi said.

"I'd rather let you ride me." I murmured.

"What was that, Niall?" Mitzi said.

"I didn't say anything." I said embarrassed. She look at me suspiciously but gave up in seconds.

"That was a close one." I thought.

"Paul told me for either of us to tweet until we leave or else fans will attack us." Liam explained.

"Where is Paul?" Mitzi asked.

"We gave him the day off. We told him we can take care of ourselves for now." Liam answered.

"Oh, ok!" Mitzi said perkily.

"So, let's go. It's a little empty here, so I'll invite people who are in town. " Liam said. Everyone else agreed to do the same.

"I'll call Josh and the others." Zayn said.

"I'll call Lou, I'll ask her to bring Lux." Louis said.

"Don't forget to call the 5SOS lads, Louis." Harry reminded him.

"Ok, Hazza." Louis responded. I turned around and saw Mitzi looking around and walking away and alone. I thought this is my chance. I immediately got behind Mitzi and wrapped my arm against her hip and brought her closer. She tensed up at first, but calm down after she realized there was no way to get out of my hold. We kept walking.


Mitzi's P.O.V


"This is awkward."


(A/N) Sorry for not updating yesterday. I was sick. I tried writing it yesterday and got a little bit done, but didn't finished. Thank you for being patient. So anyways, what do you think is going to happen?


Who wants to be a co-author or get early access to my writing before its even published. To be co-author go to my mumbles and you'll see the conditions. I need three, one for each of my books. comment which book you want to co-author to and I'll make it work. Everyone will be treated equally. You will always have a chance. To get early access I will see who knows my book the best. The first three people who get these questions right get early access to all my books.

1.)Mitzi's last name is ______?

2.)What did Mitzi wear to school?

3.)What did Mitzi make Niall for breakfast?

4.)Who was Mitzi's ex boyfriend's name? Who did he use to cheat on her?

Personal question found of my bio.

5.)How old am I and where do I live?


~Vanessa xx.


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