Little Miss Not So Perfect

My name is Mitzi Fresly, I have light brown hair with natural honey highlights. My parents think I'm perfect, but I'm not. In reality I go to bars, have sex, and make myself seem irrestible to get anything I want. All that changes when I meet 5 boys that make my whole world upside down.


6. It's a surprise.

Mitzi's P.O.V


I woke up and saw that the television was still on. I slowly got up to turn it off and stepped on something in the process. It was under the covers, facing the kitchen. It was Niall; he didn't go home after the movie. It was 7:42 am, so might as well make him breakfast. I first took a shower and left the house, leaving Niall sleeping peacefully. My first stop was the corner market. I bought pancake mix, syrup, almonds, and  'Cool Whip'. Next I went to the farmers' market. My high school friend, Arnold worked there and I hadn't been there for a while.. He was the best, he never let me down.

"Hi, Arnold. How has the farmer life been treatin' ya?"

"Very good, Mitz'. How 'bout you, bein' beautiful as always?"

"Wonderful. I met Niall Horan yesterday!"

"What?!?! No way! Is he a jerk like every superstar in the world?"

"No!!" getting defensive "He's magnificent. The greatest." Arnold's expression went from joyful to full of anger.

"So, what do you need?" He said kinda pissed.

"Um, can I get a sample of the bananas, blueberries, and strawberries?" ignoring his 'tude.

"Coming right up." He came back with the things I asked for. I took at bite of a banana and ate the rest of the berries.

"Mmmh. They're very sweet!" I said delightfully. "Can I have a bunch of bananas and a pound of the rest?"

"Right on it." he said happily. Boy, he cannot stay mad for long. I turned around and saw a billboard saying "One Direction, Take Me Home Tour! tickets now sold out! Live for 2 nights only. I started choking on my banana.

"TWO NIGHTS ONLY!" I said in shock.

"Two nights only for what?" Arnold said with my order.

"Oh, nothing. Bye!" I said grabbing my order, running, scuffing my black converses.


Niall's P.O.V


"Niall..." I heard an angelic voice, but kept my eyes close.

"Niall... I made pancakes." My eyes fluttered open and saw Mitzi's beautiful face. Her hair was in a messy bun, she was in a 'Ramones' shirt, similar to the one Harry is known for wearing but cut off, showing her stomach. She was also wearing loose jeans that looked tight, but complimented her wonderful curves. She is just so... gorgeous. Why can't I just be with her. She's perfect for m-. My thoughts interrupted by Mitzi saying something.

"Earth to Niall. I've made pancakes. Repeat, I've made PANCAKES." She giggled so quietly.

"With chocolate chips?" I said playfully with her facing at the ground.

"No, but I can go buy some at the corner store. It'll be really fast and it-" I put my finger on her lips and picked up her head by putting one of my fingers on her chin.

"It's perfect, Mitzi." I whispered.


Mitzi's P.O.V


I was glancing at his plump, light pink lips. I don't think he noticed, thank god. I gave Niall 6 pancakes with bananas, strawberries, and blueberries and to top it off, whipped cream with a cherry on top He took a bite.

"Is this...? What is this? The pancakes are delicious, but what's the crunchy stuff in the pancakes. Are these... nuts?" He said confused.

"Yes! Almonds to be exact." I said matter-of-factly.

"Oh my god. So good! Beautiful AND a great cook! Can you be anymore perfect?"

I was shocked of what he just said. How was I supposed to respond to that?" I thought. I just blushed and he responded by a smirk and a wink. I changed the subject.

"Soooo, what brought you to Las Vegas?"

"The boys and I wanted to party before we start tour in 3 weeks and what better place to party then THE Las Vegas. The home of clubs, gambling, and pretty girls." He winked and I smiled at the ground.

"Oh great." I thought.

"Thank you. I think Las Vegas tries hard to have OTHER pretty girls for you to enjoy." I smiled and he shook his head and smiled.

"So I saw a billboard that said your concert here is sold out and you are only going to be here for two days." I said breaking the silence that was created by my other comment.

"Yeah, August 2 and 3." he struggled to say that.

"So I won't see you for the next 5 months and when I do you'll be busy the whole time." I said sadly.

"Yes, but we still have 3 weeks." He smiled looking at the bright side.

"Yeah!" I said happily.


Niall's P.O.V


"Excuse me, love. I need to make a call." I said.

"Ok." She responded back. I left the kitchen and went to Mitzi's room. Her room was full of posters of me and the boys. They each had lipstick marks, all were equal, but mine just had a little bit more. I smiled at the fact that she favored me more than the others. I called Harry, knowing all the boys are there with him.

"Pick up, pick up, pick up!" I whispered.

"Hello?" A deep British voice answered.


"Yes. Niall? Where have you been?"

"I've been with Mitzi, the girl we fucked last night. Put me on speaker, lad." I hated saying that. It makes me think I took advantage of her.

"Ohhh, boys! Niall got some last night with the girl we fucked." Whooping, clapping, and laughing was heard.

"It's not like that. She woke up, ate, watched a movie, fell asleep. That's it." I said angrily.

"Calm down, lad. It's a joke." Louis said.

"Whatever. Anyways, boys. Mitzi is a Directioner, I thought we should take her somewhere, so she doesn't think we're players. She told me on the way to her house that the best hangout here is the Adventure Dome and since we're superstars we can rent it out. I looked it up, It's possible, so Liam tell Paul to rent for us."

"Sure, lad. We'll do that." Liam said.

"Ok we leave at 12. It's now 10. Ok?"

"Ok!" They said in unison.

"Bye." I said.


Mitzi's P.O.V


Niall came back. That was a pretty long phone call, but worth it because I got to eat when he was gone.

"So, love. We are going somewhere. Wear something casual. Like that. It's casual yet sexy." He said winking. The things I can do to that boy.

"Ok, where're we going?"

"It's a surprise."





(A/N) So what do you guys think? Is it a good chapter and what do you think is going to happen? Wasn't that sweet of Niall. Renting an indoor amusement park even though we know he's not doing this because she's a Directioner. So comment what you think and yea you know the drill.

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P.S. Almost forgot. What are you feelings about the schedule. I don't want you guys to be upset how Im writing the three stories. And you guys should check the difference between your timezones and mine's. I live in Las Vegas and I update around 11 and 12 in the morning  but submit around 1 in the morning. So you guys should look up approximately when I'm going to update because I see many people asking when am I going to update and emailing me. So yeah there ya go.


~Vanessa xx.

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