Little Miss Not So Perfect

My name is Mitzi Fresly, I have light brown hair with natural honey highlights. My parents think I'm perfect, but I'm not. In reality I go to bars, have sex, and make myself seem irrestible to get anything I want. All that changes when I meet 5 boys that make my whole world upside down.


1. Introduction

Hi, I'm Mitzi Fresly. I'm 17 and one of the sluttiest girls you'll ever meet if you really knew me. I have perfectly straight, light brown hair and natural honey highlights. My life is a huge secret to everyone around me; people at school, friends, even my family doesn't know about my life. The only acceptance is my best friend, since I was 3, Nelisleydis Gonzales, but I call her Nelly. I trust her with everything. No one will find out, hopefully. (A/N) This is my very first Movella. Please don't judge and comment any suggestions. I will/try to update everyday. Favorite, like, become a fan of Little Miss Not So Perfect. :D ~Vanessa xx.

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