Little Miss Not So Perfect

My name is Mitzi Fresly, I have light brown hair with natural honey highlights. My parents think I'm perfect, but I'm not. In reality I go to bars, have sex, and make myself seem irrestible to get anything I want. All that changes when I meet 5 boys that make my whole world upside down.


3. Best. Night. Ever




My head was in hands. I figured that had to stop moping and just move on. Nelly went home earlier, but I wanted to go clubbing like I always did. The only difference is that I didn't lie to my parents that I went to sleep at Nelly's house just in case I went to have a one night stand, which happened every time I went to the club. It was now 7:30 p.m., so I dressed into a very sexy outfit that made my boobs look big, put on a bit of blush, lip gloss, and mascara, curled my hair, and got my purse. My house was 15 minutes away from the club. When I got there, I saw many one night stand potential, but what really caught my was these 5 boys smiling at me since I entered the club. I couldn't see their faces clearly with the moving, but I can tell they were gorgeous. I went to the bar and drank A LOT. One of the 5 boys gestured me to come and dance, so I did. I introduced myself and so did they. The curly haired one introduced himself as Harry, the blond as Niall, the light brunette as Liam, the one with a quiff as Zayn, and the one with the swoop hairstyle as Louis, (They all had amazing British accents except Niall he had a Irish accent, which made him the most unique) but I was TOO wasted to noticed that that was THE One Direction! We all started dancing and I took turns grinding on each and every one of them. I looked down on each of them and saw a tent forming in their pants. I decided to take them to The Hilton, a very expensive hotel in Las Vegas (where I lived), to get their "deed" done. We ordered a room, I took them in the room, and laid on the bed.
"You guys want me, don't you?" I said seductivly. They all nodded simitaniously with lust in their eyes. I gestured them to come forward. Harry, Louis, and Niall came forward. Niall passionately kissing me while Harry was taking my dress off. I moaned to the touch of all of them touching me. Zayn came forward and began sucking my nipple while Louis was sucking the other. Harry was kissing me and Niall was eating me out. Niall licked the folds and just stuck his tongue in my centre and I moaned into Harry's mouth. I slightly turned my head and saw Liam wanking off. I was about to cum, but Niall stopped. I gestured Liam, got on all fours, Louis got under me, they both lined themselves up. Louis counted down.
3…2…1!! They both slammed into me. 
OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!!!! I screamed. I took Harry in my mouth, and gave Niall and Zayn hand jobs. 
"God Mitzi, you're so tight!" Louis said,
"I know right." Liam said in agreement. 
I kept moaning on Harrys dick. 
"Ooohh" Harry moaned.
Louis's and Liam's thrusts were getting sloppier and sloppier by the second, which was a sign that they were about to cum, and thank god because I was about to, too. Louis sensed it. 
"Hold it." Said Louis 
"I can't!" I said frustrated.
"Just hold it, god dammit!" Said Liam
A couple of thrusts later…"NOW!!" Said Louis 
There was a mix of profanities and moaning throughout the whole room. Harry cummed seconds later as did Niall and Zayn. I got down from my high. We were all heavily breathing.
"Best…Night…Ever!!" We said in unison.



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~Vanessa xx.

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