Three Girls Go Missing From Three Different States. Hayley Age 16. Kira Age 17. Alice Age 19. What Do These Girls Have In Commom? They Were All Kidnapped By English-Irish Boy Band. The Wanted. l;


6. Chapter Three

Hayley's POV

I roll my eyes as Nathan starts the car and drives to the grocery store. ''You know, I'm the master of sass, pranks, and butt kicking, so I wouldn't mess with me if I where you.'' I playfully glare at him. ''Ah yes, but your not me.'' He smiles. ''Obviously.'' I giggle. I punch his arm playfully. ''Ow.'' He whines. ''Crybaby.'' I laugh. ''Hmpf, I'm not talking to you.'' He says and points his nose in the air like a three year old. I laugh and get out of the car. 

He gets out and comes up beside me, wrapping his arm around my waist. ''I don't think so Sykes.'' I say, taking his arm off me. ''Aww, come on we have to at least act like we are kinda dating.'' He says. ''Fine...but no waist!"  I say defeated. He sighs and puts his arm around my shoulder, pulling me closer. It still feels really weird. Good or bad I'm not sure yet. I guess we'll finds out. 

We walk in and go to the snacks. ''OK, so I like this, this, oh, and these.'' I say taking bags off the shelf. ''Did you get a cart.'' He asks. ''Ha, nope.'' I shake my head. ''OK, you stay here I'll be right back.'' I nod and he runs off to grab a cart. ''Well hello there.'' I hear someone say behind me. I turn to find Keith, my ex boyfriend, smirking at me. Perfect, just perfect.

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