Three Girls Go Missing From Three Different States. Hayley Age 16. Kira Age 17. Alice Age 19. What Do These Girls Have In Commom? They Were All Kidnapped By English-Irish Boy Band. The Wanted. l;


4. Chapter One

Hayley's POV 


I wake up in a dark room. I can only see the outline of two people laying on the ground next to me. Someone opens the door, flooding the room with light. I look over again. There are two girls laying to my left, and we'er all in a basement. ''So, I see your awake.'' A voice says in a thick Irish accent. ''Yeah.'' I nod. ''I'm Siva.'' He holds out his hand to me. ''Hayley.'' I say grabbing his hand. I get up off the floor. ''Come on upstairs, I'll introduce you to the guys.'' He leaves the room nodding for me too follow.

Despite the fact that this is one of the people who kidnapped me, I follow him up the stairs. We walk into I room with four other guys standing talking. ''Hayley,  this is Max, Jay, Tom, and Nathan.'' Siva says motioning to each boy and he says their names. The last one, Nathan, is the one that grabbed me. I passed out staring into his eyes, which are really pretty. They all smile and say hello, I wave back and they start talking again. 

''I'm hungry.'' I say after a few minutes. They all look at me. I raise my eyebrows. ''Well you kinda kidnapped me so you have to put up with my appetite.'' I say sassy like. Nathan chuckles at me. ''Oh hush Sykes.'' I narrow my eyes at him. ''You know us?" He asks. ''Of course I do, I haven't exactly been living under a rock all my life.'' I say, but I start laughing so it didn't sound to serious.

''I'll need to go and get some food.'' Nathan says, still laughing. ''I wanna go!" I yell. Nathan shrugs. ''I'll get her some hair dye and she can wear something of mine.'' He says. My heart starts pitter pattering when he says that. Wow, he would really do that for me? I brush it away. I mean they just kidnapped me.


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