Three Girls Go Missing From Three Different States. Hayley Age 16. Kira Age 17. Alice Age 19. What Do These Girls Have In Commom? They Were All Kidnapped By English-Irish Boy Band. The Wanted. l;


7. Chapter Four


''Hi.'' I try to stay calm, even though I wanted to punch him right there. ''Why did your guy leave you all alone looking like that?" He smirked again. I tightened my teeth and hands. ''I think you best leave me alone.'' I say. ''Or what?" He asks, smiling. ''I don't think you want to find out.'' Nathan pulls me closer to him by my waist. Only this time I don't care. ''What are you gonna do, sing me to sleep?" Keith breaks out laughing.  I jump at him but Nathan grabs me. "Come on babe, its not worth it." He says to me. "Hey, I never got your name." Keith says smirking once again. "Thats none of your concern you creep." I sneer. "Whatever sweetcheeks, I'll find out sooner or later." He shrugs and walks off. That scared me, what if he found out Nathan had kidnapped me? Then what would happen to him? Wait....Why do I care? Thats right' I don't.  "Don't worry about him.'' Nathan smiles at me. "Whatever just get off me now. Oh, and I'm NOT your babe." I say grabbing the cart from behind him. He sighs and starts to follow me trough the store. After I finish picking out enough for me, and the other two girls I saw, Nathan had a cart full too. He paid for everything and we walked out.

"Nathan, I'm sorry about what I said earlier, Its just that keith really gets under my skin, I shouldn't take it out on you." I sit down by him on the couch. "Its forgotten." He smiles slightly at me, although I could telll it was fake. In an attempt to show him I was truly sorry I cuddled up to his shoulder and watched T.V. along with him. After about five minuets he put his arm around me, pulling me deeper into his side. "Hayley?" He asks. "Yes?" I reply. "Can I tell you somthing?" He asks. I nod and turn the T.V. down. "Well I didn't want to kidnap you, but we didn't have a choice, I'm sorry." His eyes brem with tears. "Wait, What? Who sent you?" I ask. "I don't know, But I swear on my life that I will do everything in my power to protect you." He says. I smile. "Thanks Sykes." I say and peck his cheek. "Goodnight, I'll see you in the morning." I say. "Night.'' He smiles and turns the T.V. back up slightly. I walk to my room and take a shower, then snuggle under the sheets and fall asleep.

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