Three Girls Go Missing From Three Different States. Hayley Age 16. Kira Age 17. Alice Age 19. What Do These Girls Have In Commom? They Were All Kidnapped By English-Irish Boy Band. The Wanted. l;


1. Missing- Hayley


Hayley Renee Bell

Age 16

Last seen at home

Long brown hair

Brown eyes


If seen please call 512-543-7829



Hayley POV 

A day before.

I was packing my things to go to a friends house. I was going to be there for a week. I put the last outfit in and went to my dresser to find something to wear today.  I pick out black skinny jeans and a shoulder top. I walk into my bathroom and get changed out of my PJs. I put my vans on and walk out side with my three bags. Since Hannah only lives about ten minutes away I decided to walk. I start down my long driveway when a van starts to come into view. I turn back towards my house but I'm not fast enough. Someone grabs me. The last thing I see before I fade is a pair of blue-green eyes staring into mine.

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