Here is a story about a girl stuck between two choices to stay a witch and be with het family our fully become human for her to find her one and only


2. New Home

"Finally where here!" My sister practically screaming,as i get into our new house it felt warm i felt like it was welcoming me in "Here's the keys to your rooms ill be unpacking my stuff in my room you should to ok?" "Sure mom" me and my sister said in unison "Well im gonna unpack how bout you sis?" "Ill be at the mall" "Well take care watch out for hot guys" "Hehehe right bye Julie" i went in my room to get ready i tie my black short wavy hair up i dont put make up on but i do put on glitter which is sort of stupid well i dont care i get out and put on my black and white converse and flash off "Exkilio peru no felicius" after chanting i point my finger at a cement wall and a portal appered i go into it and i was teleported to the ladies bathroom in a mall "Oh my god i broke a nail uhh.. this sucks" a snooty british girl protested "Blah blah blah" i said mockingly while whispering "Well i better get the hell out of here" i stomped out of there in a flash to buy milk tea and yes i love milk tea but when i was about to order some bastard cuts infront of me "What the hell man no cutting!!" "Oh.. im sorry mi- Christie Faye Reeder!! I havent seen you in forever" the guy in front of me said with a shocked face "Uhm.. do i know you??" I said confused "Its Louis remember third grade the carrot cake.." "How wouldnt i...."
Flash Back
"Lou be careful dont put to much growing essence,ok..?" I said sounding nervous "No worries Chris im on it" he said with a hint of boast in his voice but as this something i would never forget of course it would be bad well lets just say a certain 8 year old boy got batter inside my shirt and yes you guessed it,it was hot really hot...
End of Flashback
"So what are you doing here??" He asked "Well im just getting my mind of things thats all" i said well sipping my milk tea "Wait... why arent u being chased by fans??" I asked stupidly "Well im using an illusion spell.." "Ohh... well i guess ill see u around Lou" "Bye Chris see u soon".
Louis' POV
I never knew Chris would be here maybe i should tell her now before she leaves but typical me i didnt why didnt i tell her that Harry likes her....
Mwhahaha u thought he'll say he likes her but no im so evil but im sorry if its like that pls. Watch out for the next chapter its the chapter of the choosing ceremony...

Lots of love
CELINA xoxoxo
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