Here is a story about a girl stuck between two choices to stay a witch and be with het family our fully become human for her to find her one and only


1. Final Day

I woke up sweating from my nightmare,in a flash i got out of bed and went to the bathroom i washed my face with cold water and went downstairs as usual im the first one up so i made my self breakfast and watch tv well today is my last day in the magic realm ill be permanently moving to the human world which sucks as hell cause i cant use my powers in public and i cant be with my friends anymore i hope i wasnt the eldest in my circle of friends im already in the right age for the choosing ceremony i hate it i dont wanna leave!!!!!!!! "Hello young gals and guys im hear right now with Louis Tomlinson of One Direction the famous band in both the human and magic world so Louis is everyone in One Direction wizards??" The annoying interviewer asked "Well yes we all are" Louis said with a smile "Well Louis as you are a wizard you will also be attending the choosing ceremony if it would be ok to ask what will you choose??" "Uhmm.. im really sorry i cant" he said smiling akwardly while scratching the back of his head "Well its ok thanks for being with us Louis" "Your welcome and please continue supporting One Direction" "Im glad i didnt have his life" my sister pooping out of nowhere "God Julie Ann dont do that!" "Im sorry,so you excited for your choosing ceremony huh Christie??" "Of course" i said sarcasticly "Well ill be if i was in the same room as Louis Tomlinson" "Well im sure he will be in a vip lounge somewhere" "Whatever im sure youll melt if you had seen him yourself" "Hehehe funny now come on stop dilly-dalling and start packing".
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