Here is a story about a girl stuck between two choices to stay a witch and be with het family our fully become human for her to find her one and only


3. Before the Big Choice *sneak peek*

Louis' POV
I woke smelling freashly cooked pancakes "The pancakes are ready lads!" Harry said with a huge smile on his face showing his dimples "This is a stick up give me all your pancakes!" I tried sounding like a thief "Oh no!!" Harry said overdramaticly playing along "Hahaha!!!"stop im ticklish" Harry screamed while i tickle his stomach "I think he had enough Lou" Liam said with his eyes glued to us "Yes Dad" Harry and I said with pouted faces, Liam tried to face us seriously but ended up laughing *Ring Ring Ring* "I'll get it!!" Harry said.

Harry's Pov
"Hello, Who's this?" I asked "Uhmm... Its Christie" the sound of that name gave me goosebumps but in a good way "Christie this is Harry so who's this call for??" I asked thinking that maybe she wanted to talk to me "Uhm.. Its for Lou" "Oh.... ok ill call him" well that was discouraging, i guess i was expecting much i thought to myself "Lou...its for you..." i said with a light smile on my face "Hello???" After that i didnt hear anything else, i went to my room took a shower and layed in my bed "Harry...." her voice echoing in my mind like that day....
"Harry dont cry" Christie said while patting my head "B--ut they said i was ugly!" I said crying "Harry..... dont believe them your handsome,cute and nice they are just jealous of you" "Really?.." i said rubbing my eyes "Yup, now come on lets play tag"
End of Flashback
And ever since that day ive been in love with Christie.
Christie's POV
"Hello??" Louis answered "Lou its Chris can you do me a favor??" I asked "Sure what is it??" He said "Uhm... can i move in with you??".
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