Never. [Justin Bieber]

"This will never happen" Rage said through gritted teeth. "Oh, but babe, it will" I smirk, pulling her close, "Than, I'll just leave you" I let go of her, making her stumble back. "Have fun trying" She flipped her hair and stormed out.


1. Prologue - First Sightening


I watched as bodies jumped to the music, the room becoming fuller by the second. I leaned against the bar, staring out into the crowd, ignoring the several boys staring at me like I was a piece of meat. I sighed to myself and turned around, looking for someone to order for me. I felt a sting in my rear end and gasped, twirling around to face the dick that had done it. He had a smirk on his pink lips, his brown orbs looking over me. He raised his hand and ruffled his hair, making it look even sexier.
“What the hell?” I demand.
“What?” His smirk changed into a frown.
“Do you really think I’m that stupid?” I spat, crossing my hands over my exposed skin.
“Come on, babe” He smiled, “Loosen up and have some fun!”
“Piss off” I tell him, rolling my eyes. I walked past him, making sure my shoulder bumped his. I made my way to the door, disgusted. Who did he think I was? Cause I was defiantly no slut. I pushed through bodies, smelling the alcohol from their panting breaths. My wrist was grabbed and I was spun around.
“Wait, I’m sorry. I’m Justin” The guy from the bar said, extending his hand.
“I’m Rage” I tell him, ignoring his hand.
He sighed and dropped it, letting it fall back to his side, “Rage?” He asked.
“Yes, Rage” I hiss, “Do you have a problem with that?”
“Well, Rage isn’t a normal name” Justin shrugged.
“I like it” I tell him, anger boiling inside me.
“Me too” Justin smiled. His is really being nice?
“Stop” I tell him.
“Huh?” He asked in confusion.
“This whole ‘nice act’ isn’t going to work” I tell him.
“Ugh, what will?” He groaned, throwing his head back in frustration. I rolled my eyes and rushed to the door, walking quickly to the door. I didn’t hear footsteps as I opened my door, so I smiled and drove away.
I watched as she walked away from me, biting my lower lip. Damn, she has a nice ass, I thought to myself. I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned around. A girl about my age stood there, looking impatient.
“Would you like to dance?” She groaned. I didn’t have time to answer because she pulled me towards the already crowed dance floor. She was wearing a tight dress, showing off her sexy curves. Her blonde hair lay out, sticking to her face. Her blue orbs travelling from my face to my lower part. I sighed and leaned down, my lips to her ear.
“We can just skip the dancing” I whispered seductively.
“OK” She giggled, “Let me go get my things” She rushed off and I moved off the danced floor. Soon, she came back, “I’m Mary, by the way”
Like I’m going to remember that.
“I’m Justin Bieber” I smiled, pulling her outside and towards my car.


Next day

I woke up and turned to face Maddi. No, that wasn’t it. Maddi, Madeline? Ugh, I don’t care. The blanket was pulled up over her chest and her eyes were closed. My back ached from the way her nails had dug into them last night, and I knew there was marks. I quickly got changed and grabbed my keys and wallet, walking out before she could see me. I walked towards my car, but a girl made me stop. “Rage” I whispered. I made my way towards her, smirking, “I actually thought I’d never see you again”
She spun around and groaned, “Justin” She hissed.
“Good to see you to, Rage” I smirk, crossing my arms over my chest.
“Justin!” A girl squealed, making me spin around and groan.
“Hey,” Her name left my mind. The only name that was in my mind was Rage, whose hair was wet, indicating she had just had a shower. I smile crept up on my face, “Mary” I finished.
“Uh, who’s that?” Her eyes travelled to Rage, who looked disgusted.
“Rage,” She replied, “I have to go” She turned and quickly walked away.
“Justin, baby, let’s go back to bed” Mary winked, wrapping her arms around my neck and kissing me.
“Sure, babe, let’s go” I say, pulling her inside.


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