Everything Happens for a Reason

Lauren finally gets to take her bestfriend Brooke on her family on her family vacation. You'll never guess where they are going.. ENGLAND! The home country to the famous boy band One Direction. When they leave dissapointed that they didn't see them they miss the plane and Lauren's family leaves without them. The next plane heading to Seattle is next week. They have no idea what is ahead of them.


4. The End of a Hard Day

Brooke's POV

After we left Nando's I wanted to go and just lay in bed and pretend like I don't have a care in the world and forget everything that's happened today, but of course Lauren did NOT want to end the day like this. I don't know if she realizes this but maybe the manager at Nando's won't pay us at all. We don't even know his name! He seemed friendly and all but really anyone with a british accent can sound friendly. As Lauren and I took a stroll around the streets of London I had an idea. "Lauren, we have to find One Direction while we are here." I said determinedly. "I really do believe in the saying great minds think a like because when we were in Nando's I was thinking the exact same thing." she said in a clear voice. "Well what are you waiting for?!" I exclaimed. We both checked our twitters to see if the boys had tweeted about going anywhere. "No tweets that can help us." Lauren said disappointedly. "Well than, how can we find them?" I asked. "I have no clue. I guess we'll just have to keep an eye out for them." Lauren said. "Okay, I guess that's pretty much the only option we have, and we better keep an eye on twitter to see if they post anything." I said back to her. We walked back to the hotel and saw on twitter that Liam was planning to have a twitcam in an hour. So I got my laptop out and we got into our PJ's and waited for the twitcam to start. Right when it started we realized something. Liam was in a motel room that looked exactly like ours. "Lauren..?" I said. Lauren did not answer I caught her staring at my computer screen staring at Liam, Liam was defiantly Lauren's favorite from 1D. My favorite is Harry... or maybe Niall I can't choose they are both so hot it's too hard to choose. "Lauren!" I said louder. She was still staring at the screen. "Lauren!!" I yelled. She was still staring at the screen after that too. I lifted up her long dark brown hair and yelled at the very top of my lungs "LAUREN!!!!!!" Lauren fell off the bed and landed right on her back. "What?!" she yelled back. "Did you notice anything about where Liam is in the twitcam..?" I asked her. "No I wasn't paying attention to where he is I was paying attention to him!!" she answered she climbed back onto the bed and continued watching the Twitcam. "Well maybe you should look around at where he is at" I said. I watched her as she looked at the screen. "That looks like our room!" she said loudly. "That's exactly what I thought!" I exclaimed. "Well chances are him and the rest of the boys are not staying at a crappy motel like ours." Lauren said. "Well lets at least ask." I said back. I typed Liam a question on the twitcam. "Are you staying at Motel 6 in London?" I typed. We watched the twitcam patiently waiting for him to answer our question. "Wow, I thought the paparazzi was creepy by knowing where we are most of the time but @brooke_1Dlover sure knows how to find people." Liam, Niall, Harry, Zayn and Louis were in the same motel as us.


***** Authors Note

Please give me feedback on my writing. Please no hate and, let me know if you want me to update soon. Let me know what you thought of this chapter

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