Everything Happens for a Reason

Lauren finally gets to take her bestfriend Brooke on her family on her family vacation. You'll never guess where they are going.. ENGLAND! The home country to the famous boy band One Direction. When they leave dissapointed that they didn't see them they miss the plane and Lauren's family leaves without them. The next plane heading to Seattle is next week. They have no idea what is ahead of them.


6. The Beach

Lauren's POV

As we set up our spot at the beach I felt someone pick me up and I realized it was Niall and he threw me in the water and I realized Louis did the same to Brooke, and now here Harry comes doing the same to Liam. I really do believe now that me and Liam might really have something. We played chicken for a while I was on Liam shoulders and Brooke was on Niall's shoulders I almost pushed her down until Harry comes and pushes me off Liam. Now Harry and Brooke are trying are trying to push each other off and then Harry's hands slip off of Brooke's and he starts to fall forward and his lips meet Brooke's and he falls off. Brooke blushing quietly says "I win." with a grin. We all laugh except Niall. I could tell he was upset about Brooke and Harry's kiss. I think everyone could tell. After about an hour of swimming we decide to go to a restraint that's 20 minutes away. So I rode with Liam again and the whole time there we talked about the tension between Harry and Niall since after the kiss. Once we got there we had a nice lunch and Harry and Niall would not talk or look at each other. We decided to go to the London Eye after so we walked to the cars and Niall and Brooke got in the same car that I did before with Liam and nobody else seemed to notice because they were all just talking and laughing and as we started to come closer to the cars we find Niall and Brooke making out in Liam's car. Let's just say as soon as they saw us they stopped and we didn't end up going to the London Eye. Louis drove the van with me, liam and harry in and niall and brooke took the other car. I got my phone out and texted brooke:

Lauren: Hey! You're confusing everyone including me.. are you going out with niall or harry?

Brooke:Neither! I like them both but we aren't bf and gf

Lauren: you kissed both of them though..?

Brooke: That doesn't mean that I'm dating them! Plus they were both accidents!

Lauren: Okay I can believe that the kiss with Harry was but you were making out with Niall. and I just think everyones confused because you kissed both of them and now Harry's crying.

Brooke: well im not going out with either of them

Lauren: Okay I believe u talk 2 u more at the motel l8r byee


Then we arrived at the motel and I hugged all the boys and Brooke did the same and we went up stairs.


******Authors note

Please tell me your opinions!Do you like my movella? Do you think Lauren and Liam should be a couple? Team Niall or Team Harry? barry or nrook? and anything else!



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