Everything Happens for a Reason

Lauren finally gets to take her bestfriend Brooke on her family on her family vacation. You'll never guess where they are going.. ENGLAND! The home country to the famous boy band One Direction. When they leave dissapointed that they didn't see them they miss the plane and Lauren's family leaves without them. The next plane heading to Seattle is next week. They have no idea what is ahead of them.


2. Stuck in London

                                                                           Lauren's POV


               Me and Brooke looked at each other with scared looks on our faces. Was that really our plane that just took off? We ran to the lady by the terminal. "Was the plane that just took off the flight to Seattle?" Brooke said fast and worried voice. "Yes, why do you ask?" said the lady in her heavy british accent. Brooke cursed under her breath. "That was our flight. We missed it. When is the next flight to Seattle?" I said. "Let me see here.." said the lady as she was looking at her laptop screen. "The next flight to Seattle, Washington is in exactly one week at 10:00 am." she said. Seriously?! A whole week a lone with no adult in a different country. We had $400 and there's no way we can get a flight that cheap. I was scared as hell. "Can we catch the next flight? How much is it?" I said worriedly. "Without any luggage it is 400 U.S. dollars." We had only $400. I cursed under my breath. "When do we have to have the money in by?" I asked. "I see your problem. I am very sorry this happened to you so I have a deal." she said. "What is it? Anything to get us back to Seattle." desperatly said Brooke. "If you bring me the money next week before the plane takes off you can go. Deal?" she said. "Deal." Brooke and I both said at exactly the same time. "Okay see you then." said the lady and we walked out of the airport.




                                                                   Author's Note

                          How did you like this chapter? Once again feedback can only make my chapters better. Sorry it's short I wanted only this chapter to have this deal happen! I will try to make the rest of the chapters longer if not I will try to write more chapters! I am going to start Chapter 3 today! I plan on finishing it! If not I will tommorow! I can't believe this many people are reading my movella already! I am so happy that you enjoyed the first chapter as well!


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