Everything Happens for a Reason

Lauren finally gets to take her bestfriend Brooke on her family on her family vacation. You'll never guess where they are going.. ENGLAND! The home country to the famous boy band One Direction. When they leave dissapointed that they didn't see them they miss the plane and Lauren's family leaves without them. The next plane heading to Seattle is next week. They have no idea what is ahead of them.


5. One Direction Infection

Lauren's POV

I could not believe that One Direction was in the same building as me. Luckily we didn't have work tomorrow so we could sleep in tomorrow. We got our first day off and that was it but it's a good deal. In the end of Liam's twitcam he told Brooke to private message him on twitter but he messaged her before she even go the chance to message him. She told him everything that happened and us  and Liam, Zayn, Harry, Niall and Louis planned to meet in the lobby tomorrow morning at 10:00. I was so excited and nervous at the same time. I got to meet the most amazing people ever but what if I got all weird and they hated me. I couldn't stand the thought of that at all. It took me forever to fall asleep, plus of course when I did I had the worst dream anyone could possibly have, this is what happened in my dream; We were meeting One Direction and immediately they hated me and Liam and Brooke started dating. When we woke up it was 9:00 so we ate breakfast and got ready to go meet 1D down stairs. It was 9:57 so we took the elevator downstairs and we walked to the lobby and there right in front of us was the one and only One Direction. "Hello lovelies!" said Liam. I couldn't help but blush a little. Liam looked at Brooke and I and asked who was who and we introduced our selves to Liam and the rest of the boys. "What are you girls doing today?" asked Harry. "Nothing really, we had not planned on doing anything." said Brooke. "Then you sh--" Harry said and Niall cut him off and said "You should come with us and explore London!" said Niall and we all laughed and agreed to spend the day with them. We decided to go to a beach south of London so we went up stairs to pack a beach bag and change into our swimsuits. We came down stairs and left the motel and we couldn't all fit in Louis' van so Liam and I went in his car and we started driving. It was an hour drive so I had lots of time to talk to Liam, which ,made me very happy. "So, what's your favorite color?" asked Liam "That's a quite random question!" I replied. "Hey! I'm just trying to get to know you, AND you didn't answer my question!" said Liam "Purple haha"i giggled "You have the cutest laugh haha!" replied Liam. "Thanks you too!" I said smiling and possibly blushing a little... okay fine A LOT! "And by the way purple is my favorite color too!" Liam smiled. It seemed like we talked forever and learned everything about each other and then we arrived to the beach and Liam and I started laughing again. "You really do have the most adorable laugh"said Liam possibly blushing "Thanks but yours is cuter" I said back. Liam started to lean in for a kiss as I did the same and then Niall and Louis popped right next to the window and scared the crap out of me and Liam. Maybe Liam and I really do have something I thought to myself.:)


*******Authors Note

What did you think of this chapter?! Do you think Liam and Lauren will become a couple? What do you think will happen at the beach?? Please tell me what you think. I hope this fanfic becomes a success because I am having a blast writing it! So please tell me if you want an update! and let me know if you ship Lauriam! Please tell me if you like this fanfic too because I don't want to keep writing if nobody is reading this and if nobody likes it!



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