Everything Happens for a Reason

Lauren finally gets to take her bestfriend Brooke on her family on her family vacation. You'll never guess where they are going.. ENGLAND! The home country to the famous boy band One Direction. When they leave dissapointed that they didn't see them they miss the plane and Lauren's family leaves without them. The next plane heading to Seattle is next week. They have no idea what is ahead of them.


1. The Trip

Lauren's POV


            This was a great trip. I went on my first trip with my best friend. Plus we were in England. Seriously could have it got any better. Well I guess it could have if we met One Direction the best boy band to ever live. I was dissapointed we didn't see them. Today was the morning we left to head back to Seattle. We woke up at 4:00 am. It was so early I was exahausted but I got all my stuff ready and we took a taxi to the airport. We got there we went straight threw secuirty and to the waiting area for the plane. We didnt have any lugguage because we put all our clothes in very large bags we were able to bring on the plane. "5 minutes until to the flight to Seattle" said the british lady on the speaker in her heavy accent. "Lauren. Go get me some fries." said my annoying little brother Daniel. "No, seriously wait till we get on the plane. I'll miss the plane if I go get them." I said. What did he think I was? His servant. "You won't miss it if you go now you lazy butt!" said Daniel. "No way! The nearest McDonald's is across the airport." I said back. Next thing I knew he was telling my Mom. Seriously? " Lauren go get your brother what he asked for. Now!" said my Mom. "I'll miss the flight I said back. "No you won't if you hurry up!" said my Mom. "Okay, fine as long as you pay." I said back. "You know what here's 266.36 pounds. You tell me how much it is in american dollars and it's yours."  said my Mom. "400 U.S dollars." I said back. I can't believe she asked me that. Math is my best subject. "Wow. Okay its yours but you have to use some of it to buy your brothers fries." said my Mom. Brooke came with me as we went across the whole airport to buy stupid fries. Finally we got to the McDonalds and got the fries. About halfway to our terminal Brooke had to go to the bathroom. "Brooke, just wait until we get to the plane!' I said. "Dude do you seriously want me to pee my pants walking to the plane." Brooke said. "Fine but hurry!" I yelled. About a minute or two later Brooke came running out and we ran to the terminal. We came just in time...to see the airplane take off.


What do you guys think? Please give feedback in the comments! This is my first movella ever! I hope you guys like it! I will try to update soon!

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