It all started with a.....poster?

Music is my escape, my escape from reality. Whenever I'm sad, angry, upset, or any other type of emotion I sing. In other words, I sing my lungs out. Luckily I live in the attic so my parents don't hear me, but what would happen if someone from an international boyband hears me? Will he just knock me down like everyone else, or sweep me off my feet?


8. Lost

The gashes in Alex's arm got worse as Louis stayed by her side 24/7. He prayed that Alex would be ok and promised that if she's alive he will never, ever take anything for granted. Everyday he slept in the uncomfortable hospital chair hoping she'd wake up. He waited, and waited, and waited, but nothing happened. He talked to her everyday sharing their memories and his plans for their future. He cried. A lot. Every single day Louis got even more hopeless, but refused to leave her side. Every once in a while she'd squeeze his hand but then go limp in his arms. The days got harder and harder for Louis. He would contemplate giving up everyday, but promised he wouldn't give up until Alex breathes her last breath. He can't leave her. Ever. No matter how much he tried to believe that Alex was going to be ok, he just couldn't. He loves Alex with a fire so strong it hurts to even think about being away from Alex for even a second. Even though she's unconscious, he still felt connected to her, but once he leaves for food or to go to the bathroom he feels like he's loosing her. He can't do this much longer. It's been 5 weeks. He's gotten thin and frail. Getting Weaker by the second. Everyday day he fell asleep by her side and awoke by her side with no response. That is until one day he wakes up with someone moaning in pain. He looks up and sees Alex's eyes fluttering open and close, struggling to stay open. He calls the nurse immediately as they take a few test before leaving them alone. When Alex finally  can keep her eyes open she reaches for the cup of water. Louis rushes to get it for her and hands it to her before she could even say "Peanut butter". She takes a few gulps of water before trying to speak. Her voice is raspy as her eyes fill with fear.

"Who are you?!" And just like that Louis's heart sunk and fell out of his ass. Just kidding, but he felt like he was on a different planet. He feels….Lost...


A/N yes, I meant to write in 3rd person and I apologize if this was triggering to anybody. I only posted a tiny bit or the chapter but will be adding to this chapter making it longer. What do you guys think about this book? Is it even any good? I want to know this early on so I can make changes if necessary. When you guys comment your thoughts about this book I'll post the rest of this chapter.

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