It all started with a.....poster?

Music is my escape, my escape from reality. Whenever I'm sad, angry, upset, or any other type of emotion I sing. In other words, I sing my lungs out. Luckily I live in the attic so my parents don't hear me, but what would happen if someone from an international boyband hears me? Will he just knock me down like everyone else, or sweep me off my feet?


4. I'll fight for you! Jk I hate you with all my guts! (Sorry couldn't think of a good name for the chapter)

A/N shout out to xoMK for guessing it right! WOOHOO! Imma pigeon......

Louis's POV

I feel really bad for leaving Alex, but I think she needs help. I ran back to my house grabbing an overnight bag. Today, I am going to protect her. No one deserves to suffer from depression and lack of trust to ask someone for help. I grabbed my overnight bag and sprinted down to her house. As I reached her house I saw a black van drive out of her drive way. Luckily, I watch a lot of detective show to know that she was being kidnapped. I quickly took a picture of the license plate before the van drove away. I knew that i couldn't catch up to the van and she was obviously not in the house. I know it's stupid of me, but I'm not handing this into the police. I know what i'm doing and I'm going to fight this battle until I win. Alex, I'll be your superman. The person who kidnapped her is going to be sorry he even messed with her or me!       

Alex's POV 

My head was spinning...Where am I? I looked around the room, but nothing looked familiar. I tried to get up, but realized my hands were tied to a bedpost. Fuck. Now how am I going to escape. I know my fucking smart-ass attitude is going to kill me in the end. Ugh, curse me and my awesomeness. I tried moving my feet, but I noticed they were also tied to a bedpost. Double fuck. I did something I knew I was going to regret, but did it anyways.

"Hello? Where the fuck am I? Don't hide like a bunch of cowards!" I yelled practically loosing my voice by the end of my little yelling session. The person who kidnapped me slammed open the door and started walking closer to me. Oh god please don't hurt me.....He slapped me in the face. Too late. 

"Yo Brad! Come in here! She's awake already talking back. maybe we should teach her a lesson!" Brad...Oh Brad. Brad was my abusive "father" that walked out on me and my mom 10 years ago. Please say it's not Evil Brad let it be Nice Brad. PLEASE?!?!? Oh god....EVIL BRAD.....poop.... He walked up to me and just stood there staring at me.

"Rule #1 no escaping or you will receive punishment. Rule #2 no back talking or using a smart-ass attitude or you will receive punishment. Rule #3 no fighting back or you will receive punishment. Rule #4 If you don't obey orders you will receive punishment. GOT IT?!" He yelled. I nodded my head. He slapped me, OUCH THAT HURT. 

"Rule #5 NO making eye contact with any of us or you will get punished!" Brad said walking out of the room. The other guy was still in the room and was starting to creep me out... He took off his shirt and pants leaving him in just his boxers. I started crying obviously knowing what that would end up as. He started taking off my clothes until I was naked. I was still tied to the bedpost which didn't help in this situation. He slowly kissed me trying to make me kiss back, but I refused. As I did so he slapped me hard across the face. I screamed at the top of my lungs because well, it HURT! Brad came rushing in and looked really mad when he saw the other guy on top of me. 

"GET. OUT. NOW!" Brad yelled, looking furious. I looked into his eyes, but he just looked away. I started crying, but surprisingly he came and.....comforted me? HUH? That's weird. I was so scared and felt so violated that I cuddled into Brad's arm sobbing. After like 2 minutes Brad got up and looked at me with fury.

"YOU LOOKED ME IN THE EYES NOW YOU DESERVE PUNISHMENT!" He yelled, suddenly mad at me again. He started taking off all of his clothed. IM CRYING OUT LOUD! ISNT THERE SOME OTHER TYPE OF PUNISHMENT?! Well, after a few hours he decided he was done with punishment. I was crying in my "room" while he was watching some crap show and drinking. Louis, please save me. I tried to get up, but fell down right away. Fuck, I can't even walk how am I going to escape.......I put on my clothes and started crying REALLY loudly, until something hit my window.......Maybe I can escape...

I started to climb down the tree, groaning with all the pain I was having since the punishment. I finally got down the tree slipping on the last step falling to the hard, cold ground. Ouch... There was a crunching sound in my ankle when I fell to the ground. Crap, I can barely walk now with a non-broken ankle. I stood up....OUCH >.< In PAIN IN PAIN >.< I started running, more like limping, down the streets. I finally made it to my apartment, but I fell at my doorstep. I barely could get up, but I managed and walked (limp/hopped) into my apartment. When I opened the door I saw.... Louis? I hate to say it, but it broke my heart to see him that way. He was passed out on the couch with red, puffy eyes. He had bags under his eyes which meant he hadn't been sleeping much. He looked so worried even though he was sleeping. I started to feel tired myself so I snuggled up to Louis on the couch. He pulled me closer right away, like a superman reflex of his... SUPERMANNNNNN!!! I snuggled deeper into his chest, inhaling the scent of his cologne (what I call man perfume) and just enjoying his presence. I slowly started drifting off thinking about why Louis was in my house and why he looked so worried and depressed. God, Louis if you could only see how much it hurts me to see you breaks me into a million pieces.  After those thoughts I drifted off into a deep sleep. I guess it was to be, it wasn't just a tree...(haha see what I did there?!)


Louis's POV

I spent all last night looking for the license plate, but the car was no where in sight. I tried to call Alex's mom, but she was in China for a business trip. I know I haven't known Alex enough lately to care as much as I do, but I do....Maybe I'm crushing at Alex..... MAYBE... I fell asleep on the couch that night watching the news, looking for a sign for Alex, but nothing showed up....I had a dream that night that Alex came home and fell asleep in my arms. That night I actually slept, but couldn't help but think about my dream ......

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