It all started with a.....poster?

Music is my escape, my escape from reality. Whenever I'm sad, angry, upset, or any other type of emotion I sing. In other words, I sing my lungs out. Luckily I live in the attic so my parents don't hear me, but what would happen if someone from an international boyband hears me? Will he just knock me down like everyone else, or sweep me off my feet?


6. Depression

Louis's POV

As I picked up Alex and put her into the passenger seat I started thinking about what will happen now. I won't loose Alex, I can't loose her. I'm so scared that one day she's going to decide she doesn't want to be around me any more. I don't know if I can live without her. I know this is a stupid time to realize this, especially after what just happened, but I think I'm falling for her….DAMN! STUPID TIMING! As I pulled up and parked outside her house I realized I can barely feel my hands I was holding the steering wheel so hard…Oh well.. I go to the passenger seat to wake up Alex.

"Hey, Princess, wake up. We're at your house." I say as I nudge her softly. She stirs a little bit before waking her eyes. I instantly regret waking her up when tears start welling up in her eyes.

"Louis, please tell my mom's not really dead. That I was just…. dreaming." She sniffles. I know I can't talk without breaking down, I hate seeing her upset. So instead of replying, I scoop her up my arms and carry her to the front door. When I try to place her down to get the keys she places her face in the crook of my neck shaking her head rapidly. Damn, I can feel her tears falling onto my skin, causing me to wonder how she's going to recover from such a major loss.

"Hey, It's ok. I won't put you down, but I need the keys." She slowly hands me the keys to the house before snuggling right back into the crook of my neck. Damn, I hate that she's upset, but I love being able to be there for her after something tragic happened. I place the keys into the lock and open the front door and I hesitate. I don't want to upset her about what we should do next so I ask her instead.

"Princess? Do you want to go and watch a movie or just go up to bed?" I question her, slowly pulling her face out of my neck.

"Bed," She mumbles places her head back in the crook of my neck. I laugh. God I am such an asshole, who laughs after someone looses someone they care about?! She starts to cry again. AND THE AWARD FOR THE BIGGEST DICKHEAD GOES TO………….LOUIS TOMLINSON!!! I start carrying her up the stairs to her room while I scold myself for being so insensitive to her when she needed comfort the most. I place her on the bed, but I feel like she'd want to be alone so I start to get up to leave the room when she starts to full-on sob. I go back to sit on her bed and place her in my lap.

"What's wrong, princess? Why are you crying?" I know it's a stupid thing to say, but you never know. She could be crying about chocolate cake for all I know. She does like her chocolate cake. God, I am acting like such a jerk, yet the bestest friend in the whole world at the same time……WEIRD.

"You *sob* c-can't *sob* leave *sob* *sob* me *sniffle* I need *sob* you." She says as I look into her sad brown eyes. I can't let anything happen to her. I won't. Don't worry Alex I'll never leave you. Ever. Little did I know that Alex was slipping into severe depression….

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