It all started with a.....poster?

Music is my escape, my escape from reality. Whenever I'm sad, angry, upset, or any other type of emotion I sing. In other words, I sing my lungs out. Luckily I live in the attic so my parents don't hear me, but what would happen if someone from an international boyband hears me? Will he just knock me down like everyone else, or sweep me off my feet?


7. Cry for help

Alex's POV 

Over the next few weeks I felt dead. I wouldn't eat, drink, sleep, and barely move. Louis tries so hard to get me out of this slump and I love him for that, but I just can't do this. I can't live knowing my brother is searching for me. I can't live knowing my mom is dead. I can't live. Period. I reach for the blade as soon as Louis leaves hoping my plan works. I run the tub water as I start to undress and grab by blade slicing my thighs and wrists until all I can see is blood. I decided that if I don't bleed to death, I'll kill myself from drowning. I start to slide into the tub when someone starts banging on my front door yelling my name. I'm starting to get lightheaded and can't identify the voice, but I know it's not good. Suddenly a loud bang comes from downstairs as the front door slams open. The voice yells my name repetitively as I start to slide down into the bath water. Next thing I know someones slamming the bathroom door open and picking me up out of the bath. I'm so dizzy and lightheaded I don't even bother trying to cover myself up. I start to feel nauseous as I scramble to the toilet and puke my guts out. I can't breath and I can't see, but I can still here someone yelling on the phone with someone. I start to fade out and next thing I know I'm unconscious. 

Louis's POV

I suddenly realize what's going on. I can't leave Alex alone. Who knows what she could do when no one's around. I run up to her door and start banging on it ferociously. I can't let anything happen to her. I can feel my heart beating a mile a minute and I start to feel the blood rushing in my ears. I can't wait any longer, she could be hurt. I jam my shoulder into the door, but it doesn't budge. I try again. No luck. I decide to use my soccer skills and kick the door a few times before it slams open. I yell her name out over and over again, until I hear the bath water running. I yell out her name again. No reply. I jam my shoulder into the bathroom door and am lucky enough that it opens right on contact. Damn my shoulder hurts. I start to look around the bathroom when my eyes lock with a very bloody Alex that's lying in the tub. I freak out as I pull her out of the water not caring that I'm getting covered in blood. She moans and then scrambles her half conscious body to the toilet to puke. I call 911 not knowing what else to do. I'm yelling and crying, when I realize Alex is limp on the bathroom floor. I check her pulse. I start to cry as it gets weaker. I pick her up, wrapping a towel around her cuts, and run downstairs hoping the ambulance has arrived. Shit, where are they?! I'm freaking out when the ambulance comes three minutes later. Please let Alex be ok. Please let Alex be ok. I repeat in my head as I scramble into the ambulance with the paramedics and an unconscious Alex. I can't breath. I start to have a panic attack and start shaking rapidly. What if Alex's not ok? What if that was the last time I saw her alive. What's going to happen now? I start getting lightheaded as a lady tells me to breath slowly and that everything is ok. I try to listen, I really do, but I can't breath. I gasp for air as black spots start appearing in my vision and I start swaying back and forth. Next thing I know I'm being laid on a stretcher right next to Alex. Was I too late to notice Alex's cry for help?

The last thing I remember is my vision going black as I struggle to breath.

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