Not as it seems

3 girls are angels
And 5 boys are angels of darkness
What If 3 boys fell In love with angels?
Read to find out


1. Chapter 1

Jessica's pov

I am at angel world I think that's what u call it 
I live in the normal world and visit the angel world
I'm with Yerling 
Only Yerling 
Emma Dosent know
So yeah we walked into a store 
Yerling held up a dress
"do u like it"? Yerling asked
It was a purple dress it had little stars on it 
"a little" I said
"ok" Yerling said putting it back
"I can't find anything to wear for the party" Yerling said
"well'll just got to another store" I said
"ok" Yerling said
"who's party are we going to again" I said
"well it 5 boys party and they call them..... I don't know" Yerling said
I laughed 
"really..... They don't have a name" I said
"yup" Yerling said
"well let's go to another store" I said
"ok" Yerling said

40 min later
"so u got ur dress" I said
"no instead I got a shirt and jeans" Yerling said
"oh I did the same" I said
"let's go back to earth" Yerling said
"ok" I said 

*back at earth*

*at the park*

"good transporting" I said
Yerling laughed
"were just behind a tree" Yerling said
"that's why we can't let anybody see us transport" I said
"true" Yerling said
"let's go" I said
"ok" Yerling said 

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