Band Baby

"Like any statistic out there, I'm pregnant at sixteen. The only thing is it wasn't by choice, I was raped."

Clara Ferguson was raped at the age of fifteen. Being pro-life, she decides to keep the baby when she finds out she's pregnant. But being disowned because of her choice by her parents, makes her rethink her decision. She puts the unborn baby up for an open adoption.

One Direction, being so taken with Lux, decides to try to adopt their own child. Finding Clara, they agree to the open adoption, but more than that: They adopt Clara as well, taking her in. Clara doesn't believe in love anymore, but while watching some of the boys around her and around her forced child, she starts to fall for one of them. In the midst of romance, they still need to take care of this child, which may turn out harder than they all previously thought.




Somebody was screaming. I opened my eyes a little. We were already home from the hospital; Fayre, Teddy, and I. We had been for a few weeks now. And let me tell you, it's been a nightmare.

1. I'm a horrible mother. I act like I favor Fayre over Teddy, but that's because Teddy looks too much like Trevor... I didn't think it would be this hard, but it is.

2. They're terrible children. They're always crying. And crying... And CRYING.


Like NOW for instance. Somebody was crying. And when one cried, the other cried too. Even though they were in separate rooms across the hallway from each other. They were like psychically linked or whatever. I forced myself to get up and looked at the clock. 3 am. Great. I rubbed my eyes, not waddling anymore, and walked into Fayre's room. Quickly, I turned on the light and picked her up out of her crib. She was screaming in my ear. Her hair had lightened up in the past few weeks. To more of a blonde color, than a dark color. Her brown eyes were also a honey golden brown. Then I shuffled across the hallway and picked up Teddy, trying not to think about Trevor in the process. He was also screaming in my ear. I swear by the time I even make it to the age of seventeen, I'll be deaf. I walked downstairs, hopefully waking up the boys in the process. At least one of them should help me! 

But no. 

They all stayed fast asleep. I walked into the kitchen and started to breast feed them. They instantly became quiet. I tried to stay awake, I mean, it was sort of easy too, because breast feeding hurt a little. 

Somebody had shuffled into the kitchen. It was Harry. He nodded at me and then offered to take one of them, his eyes half-opened. I didn't even care that I was breast-feeding in front of him. There's no use being embarrassed after he has seen me give birth. 

I gave him Fayre this time. I had to create that bond between mother and child with Teddy. I read that somewhere. He took Fayre and got out a bottle from the fridge. Heating it up in the microwave, he played with her hands. 

"I'm tired," I heard him say softly as the microwave beeped, indicating that the bottle was heated up. 

"No dip Sherlock," I said, "I am too."

"You're the one who had them. I had no part of creating these two," he said feeding Fayre. 

"You adopted them."

"Heck, I didn't even agree to that! No one around here helps during the night except me! And they were the ones who wanted to adopt them," he said in a hushed angry tone while gesturing to the ceiling. I shrugged.

"You seem to take a liking to them, though," I said. His face softened.

"I guess, I mean... They're babies. What'd they do to me?" he said, trying to sound all rough and tough and what not. Did I really just think that? I was way too tired.

"Admit it, you like them," I whispered. We stared each other down for a minute. Harry broke the eye contact, looking back down at Fayre.

"Fine. I like them. Because they both look nothing like you," he stated, trying to insult me. I looked down at Teddy.

"That's true," then I looked up, "I don't even know how Fayre got blonde hair."

"I just think it's funny because she was born with dark, dark hair." I laughed a little with him.

"Yeah... Yeah, they look nothing like me," I said, smiling a little sadly. He was quiet for a moment and then said:

"Well, Fayre, her eyes are like yours." I rolled my eyes and shook my head.

"No, my eyes are all coppery. Her eyes are more golden," I stated. He stared at me with his intense green eyes.

"Your eyes aren't coppery. They are a golden brown," he said, "And she has your nose." I was quiet for a moment.

"You just said they look nothing like me," I stated. He shrugged, not looking at me.

"I lied," he said, just looking at Fayre's peaceful face. I smiled a little to myself. We stayed quiet after that, just waiting until the babies fell asleep. But that was okay. It wasn't like an awkward silence, or a 'I don't want to talk to you' kind of silence. It was the kind of silence that was comfortable. The silence was loud enough. It was perfect for the situation. There weren't any more words to say. 

And it was weird, corresponding and working together with Harry Styles, I thought as we put them into their separate rooms. He raised his eyebrows at me, before going back into his room. 

It was weird, considering I was sure I hated him just a few weeks back. 

I shook my head and wandered into my own room, falling asleep before my head even hit the pillow.


"Wake up, sleepy head," I heard someone murmur in my ear. I batted at the person, pushing their face away. He laughed. 

"Get up, Clara. It's past noon," he said. I opened my eyes, looking into Liam's big brown ones. Now that I thought of it, his eyes were sort of golden. How did Fayre get his eyes when he's not even the father?

"Stop staring at me like I'm some sort of alien from Mars. Get up, your in-laws are here," he stated, smiling in the process. That's what they all called their own families, for me: The In-Laws. 

I slowly got up, scratching my head in the process.

"I don't think I'm going to get dressed today," I sort of told myself out loud.

"Whatever floats your boat," sang Liam, leaving my room. I followed after him, my feet slapping against the hardwood floor. 

"Clara! You're up! Good! I made you breakfast!" cried Niall's mother, Maura.

"Auntie Maura, it's noon." (I felt uncomfortable just calling them all by their first names. Maura just told me to call her Auntie.)

"It's never too late to eat breakfast!" she sang, practically skipping into the kitchen. I finally got down the flight of stairs. Aunt Jay (Louis' Mom) was holding Teddy while talking to Eleanor. Anne (She insisted I called her Anne and only Anne) was chatting with Aunt Jay and Perrie was holding Fayre. Mrs. Malik (Her name was Tricia) was sitting on the couch with her oldest daughter, Doniya. Liam's mom (Karen) was not there. She had important stuff to do, or something like that. I sat down on the floor besides Perrie. Perrie turned her head and smiled a big goofy smile at me. 

"I personally think that Fayre and I will get along the bestest. Did you see what I did to her room?" asked Perrie. I shook my head.


"I put fairies, real ones, all over her room. Stuffed fairies. Ceramic fairies. Pictures of fairies..."

"When did you do this?" I asked her.

"Oh! This morning!" I nodded slowly. Mental note: Check Fayre's room as soon as possible. 

"Clara darling! Your breakfast! Don't worry about the kids, we have it all under control," smiled Maura. I smiled back at her. She was so cheerful. Her hair was sort of in a bob, reaching to her chin, and it was the color of gold. She also had sort of tan skin. I walked over to her and sat down in the kitchen. She put a huge plate of waffles down in front of me. My eyes widened at the stack. 

" looks good," I said, politely. She laughed.

"Honey, if you can't finish it all, my Niall will finish it for you. Right Niall?" she turned to face Niall who was sneaking a cookie out of a jar. He smiled cheekily as he hid it behind his back.

"Yes Mum," he said. She turned around to smile at me, and just as she did Niall stuffed the whole cookie in his mouth. I had to stifle a giggle. 

"Thanks Auntie Maura," I said. 

"No problem sweetie! You're so bone tiny, you have to be a little softer to be a mother," she said. Be a mother. I wasn't used to it. I was only sixteen. Why couldn't I just look like a teenager? But I just smiled and nodded, and stuffed my face with waffles. 

"Tricia," called Perrie. Mrs. Malik looked up and smiled at the blonde crazy girl. 

"Tell us the story of Zayn when he was a kid. You know, with the bow and arrows?" asked Perrie. Zayn groaned and covered his hands as Perrie smiled at him. My head perked up as Mrs. Malik's eyes shone with memories.

"Well, Zayn used to be really good at archery. He used to think of himself as Robin Hood. He'd run around and shoot things with his bow and arrow. He was just the cutest thing. He'd pretend to save his little sisters and--"

The boys laughed and teased Zayn about the story and his face was just as red as a tomato. I smiled and laughed with them, it was really just the cutest thing. I noticed that Harry was farther away, laying down on a window couch. Fayre was asleep on top of him, on his stomach. He was reading something from his phone, probably tweets, above of her. It was really just the cutest thing. So, I took out my phone and snapped a picture. 

They looked well together, I thought to myself. Like their own little makeshift family. I was smiling goofy at him and he looked up and rolled his green eyes, going back to his phone. My heart started to race a little bit.

What was happening to me? 



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