Band Baby

"Like any statistic out there, I'm pregnant at sixteen. The only thing is it wasn't by choice, I was raped."

Clara Ferguson was raped at the age of fifteen. Being pro-life, she decides to keep the baby when she finds out she's pregnant. But being disowned because of her choice by her parents, makes her rethink her decision. She puts the unborn baby up for an open adoption.

One Direction, being so taken with Lux, decides to try to adopt their own child. Finding Clara, they agree to the open adoption, but more than that: They adopt Clara as well, taking her in. Clara doesn't believe in love anymore, but while watching some of the boys around her and around her forced child, she starts to fall for one of them. In the midst of romance, they still need to take care of this child, which may turn out harder than they all previously thought.





"Broke, yes, Harry..." He was just standing there, stammering and bumbling like an idiot, staring at me.

"That means you're going into..."

"Labor, yes, Harry," I finished for him, "Can you get me my stuff? It's upstairs. Everything should already be packed." He just stood there. I stared at him for a minute. 


"Yeah?" he asked. His face had gone pale.

"My stuff. Upstairs. And can you bring me some new pants and underwear?" He just stared at me. I smiled a little...and then I started screaming. That made him move. He ran around in a circle for a moment, like a chicken with its head cut off, and then he bounded up the stairs, threw some pants and undergarments at me, and ran into the elevator. A moment later, after I had finished getting dry clothes on, he came back.

"I forgot you," he said, grabbed my wrist and pulled me into the elevator. We waited as the elevator went down. 

"Shouldn't you be in pain or something?" he asked.

"Well, I read up on it, and some people have contractions before your water breaks and then others have it a couple of hours after your water breaks. Maybe mine is the latter," I said. 

"Oh." The elevator dinged and we walked out of it. Or rather, I walked out of it, and Harry ran out of it. He would run ahead of me, run back, then run ahead of me, then run back, until I had caught up with him. Finally, we got to his car, and before I slipped into the passenger seat, he slipped a towel onto it.

"I read up on it too."

"On how to keep your car safe," I said as I sat down. He shrugged, which meant it was true, and quickly went into the driver's seat. He immediately got his phone out and started calling. 

"Hello? Doctor Harrison? No, I need to talk to Doct--Okay, well, I'm in labor. I mean, my Clara is in labor. I mean Clara is in labor with my baby-HER baby. Not mine. Her water broke back home.....We just left....Wait, let me ask," he turned to me, "Have your contractions started?" I shook my head no. He returned to the conversation. 

"Her contractions have not started. Though she did scream earlier but I think it was a joke because she was--I mean I was in shock.... Yeah... Okay.... Right.... See you," Harry hung up and turned towards me, "We should be at the hospital in no time." I smiled at him (I know, smiling at Harry Styles! WHAT is wrong with me?) when we hit traffic. He hit his hand on the steering wheel. 

"You gotta be kidding me," he muttered. 

"Are you going to tell the others?" I asked him.

"Tell the others?" he asked giving me a blank look. I stared at him incredulously.

"Liam, Louis, Niall, Zayn....the others?"

"Oh right." He took out his cell phone and conferenced all of them in. 

"What is it?" I heard Zayn's voice ask immediately. 

"Is she in labor?" asked Louis.

"You wouldn't have called all of us if she wasn't in labor," mused Liam. 

"OH MY GOD SHE'S HAVING THE BABY NOW???" screamed Niall. Harry held his ear and then rolled his eyes at me.

"Will you guys calm down? I'm driving Clara to the hospital now," said Harry. 

"Is there something wrong with the baby?" asked Liam, "It's kind of early for her to be going into labor..." 

"I mean, it's a couple of weeks early..." muttered Harry. 

"And it's late!" piped up Louis. I looked over at the clock. 11:30pm on July 1st. Here we go...

"I bet Clara really enjoys that YOU'RE there with her," joked Zayn. 

"Oh yeah. So happy," I said sarcastically. Harry rolled his eyes distastefully at me. 

"Whatever. Anyone but her would be happy that it was me driving them to the hospital so they could have their firstborn child...I mean twins," snapped Harry. 

"Touchy, aren't we?" asked Louis. I could hear a smile in his voice.

"Shut up. I'm hanging up now. Meet us at the hospital." He hung up.

An hour later, and the traffic still hadn't let up. I arched my back as I moaned in pain. Harry looked over at me, startled.

"What is it?" he asked.

"Contractions," I hissed through my teeth. And boy, did they hurt. His green eyes went wide as he ran a hand through his chocolate curls.

"Okay, listen, if you die right now--" I let out another pained groan, "--I'd just like you to know that I'm sorry for saying some of those things to you back in the apartment--" I groaned again, "I'm sure you weren't really a whale before you got pregnant. And I'm sure you didn't really deserve to get raped and all--" I groaned louder, "And I'm sure you didn't really mean that I looked like a weasel or any of that. Things were said. Mistakes were made--"

"Harry?" I hissed. 


"Shut up and drive." He turned his head back to the letting up traffic.

"I was just trying to apologize--"

"In case I died. I got it," I finished for him. Then I groaned again in pain and whimpered a little bit. I was too young to be going through this. Too young. 

We didn't speak after that.




"Can she get some epidural over here?" called Harry. The others still hadn't made it to the hospital yet, too much traffic. I was already two hours into labor. It was 1:30 am on July 2nd. I moaned as I panted and crawled around on the hospital bed. I was tired. I was in pain. I didn't like this at all. And they wouldn't give me the stupid painkillers yet. Plus also, the pain made it so I couldn't stand still. I wasn't very pain tolerant to begin with.

"What if I pass out?" I asked.

"You won't pass out."

"But what if I do?" I cried. 

"You won't pass out," Harry repeated his earlier statement. His phone started to buzz and he went out of the room to answer it.

"Mom?" I heard him say as I rubbed my back and started to cry a little.

"Yeah. She's in labor.....You really don't have to come out.... I mean, if you really want to.... Okay... All right... Bye....Love you too....Okay bye," said Harry. He hung up the phone, and once he did he got another call.

"Liam? Where the hell are you guys? She's crawling around and acting like she's possessed! It's scaring me!" Harry said all in one breath. Through the pain, I was able to smile a little. 


"We're here! We're here! Where's the fire?" called Louis, running in wearing a plastic fire fighter's cap. I just groaned and pressed the red button beside me. Three hours in.

"You don't look too good, Clara," said Zayn.

"Thank you. For pointing out the obvious," I snapped. He looked taken aback.

"Don't mind her. She's just been being a bitch for the past hour," said Harry, but he was glaring at me.

"And you've been being a real dick for the past hour." We glared at each other until the doctor came in.

"Doctor Harrison!"

"Clara! Is anything wrong?" she asked. 

"Can I PLEASE have some pain killers or that epidural or whatever?" I begged. The boys had gathered outside of my hospital room at this point, except Harry. He was on his phone. Probably playing angry birds or something. 

"Here, let's check," she said. Finally, she gave me some pain killers, a huge needle was pushed into my back: the epidural. 

"I hate this," I moaned after Doctor Harrison left. Harry sighed and got up. 

"Here," he said sticking out his hand. I stared at it like it was possessed. 

"HERE," he said, sticking it out even more towards me.


"When you're in pain, just squeeze my hand," he said in a sort of bored tone. But there was something else... He wasn't looking at me as I rolled my eyes. But I took his hand, and then squeezed.




Seven hours thirty minutes and fifty seconds, the twins were (finally) born. The nurses wrapped them both up and handed them to the sweaty, tired me. I looked, first, into the girl's eyes, and then into the boy's. The girl's eyes were a deep brown, and the boy's eyes were a bright brilliant blue. They both had hair as dark as night. Looking into his eyes, I remembered looking into Trevor's eyes and started to shake a little bit. Harry, who stuck by his word and stayed by my side, held out his hands, and I put the boy into them. Louis took the girl. I hugged myself and tried to keep myself together. I should've been prepared for this. I just didn't realize that they would look so much like their....father.... Biological father... Shutting my eyes, the nurse asked me what their names would be. I opened them again. 

"Um, the girl's name would be Fayre Bella Ferguson and the boy's, Julius Theodore Ferguson," I answered.

"I thought you were naming the boy Theodore and the girl Echo?" asked a familiar voice. It was Eleanor.

"I was. But I like the name Julius. He'll just go by Teddy. And looking at her, I think she looks more like a Fayre, don't you?" I asked, my eyes were still closed.

"Who in their right mind names their kid Fayre?" I heard Harry mutter next to me. 

"Fayre? You're naming her Fayre?" asked Zayn.

"Julius?? Why Julius? Why not Niall James Horan the second?" asked Niall. 

"Boys," said Johannah, Louis' mother, "It is Clara's children, and she gets to decide what to name them." I half-heartedly raised a fist to show I agree with her statement. 

"But we adopted her and her children. Shouldn't we have a say in the name?" asked Louis.

"No," said his mother.

"I agree," said Harry's mother, Anne, agreeing with Johannah. As they argued about the names, I closed my eyes and felt myself fall asleep, slowly. 

"Shh, everyone out. She's asleep," said Anne, I think. 

Fayre Bella and Julius Theodore Ferguson were born July 2nd at 7 am. 





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