Band Baby

"Like any statistic out there, I'm pregnant at sixteen. The only thing is it wasn't by choice, I was raped."

Clara Ferguson was raped at the age of fifteen. Being pro-life, she decides to keep the baby when she finds out she's pregnant. But being disowned because of her choice by her parents, makes her rethink her decision. She puts the unborn baby up for an open adoption.

One Direction, being so taken with Lux, decides to try to adopt their own child. Finding Clara, they agree to the open adoption, but more than that: They adopt Clara as well, taking her in. Clara doesn't believe in love anymore, but while watching some of the boys around her and around her forced child, she starts to fall for one of them. In the midst of romance, they still need to take care of this child, which may turn out harder than they all previously thought.




"Good morning," I said tiredly, dragging my feet as I rubbed my eyes and yawned. 

"Good morning, love," Louis smiled, kissing my forehead and then saying hello to my stomach. It was such a normal gesture for him, that he didn't think twice about it. But for me, it was strange. No guy has ever been that kind to me. So of course, I felt myself blush a little. And stiffened at his touch.

"Are you going to see Eleanor today?" asked Niall scarfing down his pancakes. Oh right, he had a girlfriend... I couldn't help but be kind of sad about that. Louis nodded.

"Yeah. She wants to help with the decorating of the babies' room, actually. We're doing that today, aren't we?" asked Louis looking over at Liam. Liam sipped from his tea as he leaned against the kitchen counter, waiting for his toast to get toasted.

"Yeah, we are. Dani is coming over as well," said Liam. Dani, another girlfriend? I don't know why the thought of the boys having girlfriends bothered me so much. I think it was the fact that Liam and Louis had been the nicest to me... That maybe... No. I will not fall for any boy. Just the thought of becoming close to one, to open up to one in that way, made me want to scream, and throw up. I just couldn't. 

"Perrie is coming over later. She has a gig," said Zayn from his book. He smiled at me for a greeting and looked at me over his glasses, then returned to his book after I smiled shyly back. So three out of the five had someone hmm? Well, I was glad. Three more people who could help. It was a pretty large makeshift family. 

"Morning," I heard Harry utter from behind me. I tried to shrink as I moved so he could walk past. He barely brushed my shoulder, but just that little touch made me tense up and him glare at me, like it was my fault. I didn't realize I was holding my breath until he had walked a little a ways from me, when I let it all out. Liam looked at me weirdly. 

"What do you want for breakfast?" asked Liam, taking his toast out. 

"Oh," I thought for a minute, "Eggs benedict with bacon... Yes.... Bacon..." I said dreamily. Liam laughed at my expression.

"What about just eggs and bacon?" he asked.

"That sounds good too, I suppose," I said, smiling as I sat down. Louis sat down next to me, and Harry next to him. He was a person away from me, but that still unnerved me. At least he was eating at the same table as me... 



"Should they have separate rooms or be together in one room?" asked Eleanor sitting down and looking at paint colors. She was gorgeous, I had to admit. Wavy shiny brown hair, a sweet looking face, gorgeous brown eyes, and she was tiny. She dressed nice too. Today she was wearing an over-sized cream colored sweatshirt that fell over one of her shoulders and black skinny jeans. She also was wearing ankle boots. Eleanor looked up at me.

"Clara?" she asked. 

"Oh, um... Well, I guess it'd be easier to have two rooms so when they're older and everything..." I stumbled over my words. She was just so pretty. It was hard not to feel inadequate around her. She beamed at me.

"No, that's a great idea. I'll text Louis. Louis was wondering about that. So, he cleared up two rooms, just in case," explained Eleanor as she took out her phone, typing a message into it for Louis. 

"What are you thinking about naming the kids?" asked Danielle. She was gorgeous as well. Wild curly hair, a mixture of light brown and dark brown. Her skin was the color of mocha. Her face looked sophisticated. And she was also tiny, with really long legs. She was a dancer, so I've heard.

"The boy, Theodore. We'd call him Teddy. The girl, Echo," I replied. 

"Echo?" asked Eleanor.

"That's...different," stated Danielle, "Why Echo?"

"Well, in the mythology, Zeus' wife cursed Echo to only repeat what other people say. Well, Echo fell in love with a man who was very arrogant and selfish. He thought he was the most beautiful man and all that... But she could only repeat what he said. He promised her something, I forget what... And then he left her. And it broke Echo's heart. She could never love again because he was so selfish, he took a part of her," I said. 

"So, why are you naming her Echo?" asked Danielle. 

"So it won't happen to her. So she'll fall in love with a good man. Plus, I like the name," I shrugged. 

"I'm thinking blue for the boy's room, and yellow for the girl's. What do you think?" asked Eleanor, holding up two different colors to her face. I smiled.

"What about lavender for the girl's?" I asked. Eleanor held up a different color, lavender.

"That would look nice too," she smiled back at me. Finally the boys got back and we started painting. Well, the seven of us did. Harry wasn't there. He went out. Thank God.

Soon enough, we had everything decorated, with furniture and everything. And I had to admit, I was a little proud about it. It was as if I were the Momma bird who made the nest for the baby birds that were coming. It was a nice little feeling. I sat down in the living room. I still wasn't used to the time change.

"I'M HERE! Am I late?" called a girl with blondish lavenderish hair that reached her shoulders. She was wearing a skirt that was longer in the back and a tank top. A lot of bangles dangled from her wrist and big gold hoop earrings hanging from her earlobes. Her blue eyes looked at me, confused at first, and then brightened up with recognition.

"A little," I admitted, to her earlier question. 

"Oh my goodness! You're Clara, aren't you?" asked Perrie. She sashayed over to me and fell into the spot next to me. I bounced a little. She stared at my belly for a while.

"Um, yeah...I'm Clara... Are you Perrie?" I asked. She nodded.

"Mmmhmmmmm.... CanItouchyourbelly?" she asked so quickly I wasn't sure I heard her right at first. Then I nodded.

" can...touch my belly...if you want to..." She put her hand on my belly and then put her ear against it. Her eyes widened and she took her hand away startled. She giggled.

"I just felt it kick!" she cried, clapping her hands together. She heard the others coming down the steps and looked over at them, letting her head hang upside down. 

"Hey Zayn-y," she smiled. Zayn came over to her and kissed her on the lips. It didn't last too long. Thank God they weren't that kind of couple. Perrie was very...unique, I realized. She was a bit strange, but I liked it. It didn't make me feel inadequate. Even though she also was gorgeous like the other two, she had more of a fun personality. A little bit strange. Which was good, in my opinion. I felt like I'd get along with Perrie just fine.

"Too bad you're not having triplets though. Then if Zayn and I got married and Eleanor and Louis got married and Liam and Danielle got married, then there would be a child for each of us see?" said Perrie. She reached over and grabbed the remote and turned on the TV to Downtown Abbey. She put a finger to her lips.

"Shhh, it's my guilty pleasure. It's a secret," she said. Louis came around and took away the remote.

"There's a football game on, and we're watching that. Besides, everyone knows how much you love Downtown Abbey," said Louis, settling into an armchair. Perrie's jaw dropped and she put a hand over her chest in horror.

"Who told him??" she asked, looking around. I couldn't help but laugh, as the others put up their hands in defense. 

Maybe being here with them, maybe it won't be so bad. As long as Harry was away...



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