dealing with high school

my names eve but people call me girl not sure why or how it came to be that but it is. im the schools inside and out well if your wondering what that means you'll find out. i find out about all the gossip of each group the cheerleaders, the jocks, popular, misfits, art etc anyway i know what makes each group tick. join me in my life about high school and how it really works.

if you want to be in this group tell me you name, personality, what group you want to be in, looks and what grade you are or want to be in. tell me by kik or comments thank you. also there will be no authors notes unless its REALLY important

contact me kik: cocochick101 instagram: chocolatelover101567


1. okay these are the groups

 well the title basically said everything but these are the groups with a little explanation.

cheerleaders: not quite popular but hot [for a boy not for me] bouncy and flexible

jocks: they play the sports mostly dating cheerleaders or the popular group 

popular group: insists of at least 10 people most likely around 15 though they are really mean selfish and are in the center of attention like always

misfits: well that's basically me, doesn't fit in with other groups but are really nice and caring

nerds: super sweet don't know how to talk to people that aren't that smart really smart and geeky

art: they are really good at art and that's basically all they do or talk about they are a bit snobby and rad you out

sport freaks: do everything sport talk about sport and are really good at sport

they are the main groups of the school i don't want to go into to too much detail.

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