dealing with high school

my names eve but people call me girl not sure why or how it came to be that but it is. im the schools inside and out well if your wondering what that means you'll find out. i find out about all the gossip of each group the cheerleaders, the jocks, popular, misfits, art etc anyway i know what makes each group tick. join me in my life about high school and how it really works.

if you want to be in this group tell me you name, personality, what group you want to be in, looks and what grade you are or want to be in. tell me by kik or comments thank you. also there will be no authors notes unless its REALLY important

contact me kik: cocochick101 instagram: chocolatelover101567


2. day one term 2


day one term 2

okay i wake up to the sound of my mum screaming at the top of her lungs 'WAKE UP EVE GET READY FOR SCHOOL YOU ONLY HAVE 10 MINUTE' great she forgot about me again she always does this only worrying about the young ones it gets annoying sometimes but im used to it. Sasha and Grace are so annoying they just started high school they are twins so when i say twin 1 and twin 2 that refers to them. then there is Sam and Nicola the young ones Sam is turning 2 and Nicola is turning 1 i hate it when they cry at night time it keeps me awake but im not the oldest Freya, Zac and Blake you see they where triplettes they are all 17 and im 16. anyway so i go down stairs and see Blake and Freya with two other people i work my way around them get my sandwich money and then i eat my breakfast just to go get changed into a stupid uniform. it is a grey skirt with a light blue top. all the popular group wheres the skirt just below their butt and the top as a midriff i love my school. i then put my hair up in a high bun and put on my nerd glasses i love them and then leave. the only thing i like about me is my very tanned skin and big bright blue and brown eyes surrounded by long eye lashes. when i get to school and get out of my bran new Mercedes yes i have a Mercedes my dad bought my family is very rich because my dad is the governor general and my mum is the owner of all the Hilton hotels she owns the company you see. so i see my best friend Mia she has blonde hair with black streaks and a very tall slim body im so jealous of her because nearly all of the boys in the school love her even my brothers!!! so first class tute its just a tutorial with a couple of other kids well in other schools its called homeroom. i hate it cause there is a kid that has a crush on me 1 friend and 15 other really annoying people and my friend and i have a lot of fights. but no 2 really hot guys enter and they turn out to be in my grade the one with blue eyes and browny red hair is in my class and the one with blonde hair and turquoise eyes hes called Dave and the other one is  Fred but every one calls him fredo im not sure why but i think he likes chocolate. so next class is maths boring. we have the most boring teacher ever Mr Lido i know its something not sure what it is but its something. recess yes OK canteen yuck friends great and sport  afterwards even better. 3 periods of sport then lunch and of course science love it only to go to English  nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. * home * 'how was your first day' mum said acting like she actually cares only for me to reply 'you don't really care i can hear it in your voice'  now i call that backlash. and of course i get sent to my room so i just go to sleep.

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