Famous people imagines

Comment on what ur name is or what u want it to be and who you want, dirty or clean, and umm basically a 1 sentence blurr about it!!!!! Thank you!!!!! I'll check back every hour, and I stop probley at 11 or 12. Then start at 9 or 10. Can't wait to hear from y'all!!!! :) xxxxxxxxxxx


2. ZAYN MALIK!!!! <3

Zayn Malik- for, TheForRealsMrs.Malik

I walked to the concert in a black tang-top and dark skinny jeans. I can't wait! I have backstage passes then after that I go to meet n' greet. Out of one direction I liked, Zayn Malik.

Once I got there, I was the first one. Yay!!! I sit in my seat and texted my mom to let her know I got here safely. She texted back with 'ok'.

------after the concert-------

I walked back stage and saw the boys. I'm not a crazed fan do I played it cool.

"Hey there, doll" Zayn said. He looked more exited than me. :)

"Hi!" I said with a smile.

"What's your name?" Niall said butting in.

"(Y/N), now shut it leprechaun!" I screamed. Niall's face was a mixture of sad and taken aback. The rest of the boys laughed.

"Oh ok. (Y/N), nice name!" Zayn said.

After we talked for awhile, I ended up staying at the boys place.

Me and Zayn hit it off last night!!! Best feeling ever!!!

"Will you be mine, forever?" He asked after we did "that".

"Mhm!!!" I said while nodding excitedly.

Then my fairy tale ended with a passionate kiss!! <3

-for "TheForRealsMrs.Malik"

Luv you all!


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