Harry Styles goes out with a girl named Emily. She sees that he is very creepy and mysterious and a, she wants is love, but she doesn't know that Harry is planning something very special for her............. Read the Book to find out!


2. Emily

"Hi im Emily" 

Im going to tell you a little bit about myself. I am 15 years old, I'm in a relationship right now with the worst boyfriend ever, I was adopted from a lovely family when i was 3 (I'll tell you about that later), I live in a house with my parents in California.

 As I said Im going to tell you a little about my self so here I go. I was adopted when i was around 3 years-old to a loving family named the "Browns". I was given up for adoption because my mom was a drug attic, so my dad took the responsibility and gave me up for adoption. I have always tried to look for my mom but no one could ever find her. Every once and a while I go see my dad for special holidays its pretty sad because every time i see him he always says " U get older and older each time hunny" and we each shed a couple of tears. I dont want to make yall sad or anything, but my life sucks and has there abilities. I love my adoption family they are wonderful, even though i wish that i was with my birth family it is still good that i have a mother and father that both care and love me. 


Today is a very special day, it is the day I get registered to go to a new high school "Chevias High School" where Harry Styles is going! I'm so excited to go, but i dont have any new clothes unless my mom can take me. So i run down the stairs and i dont notice that our dogs chew toy is right on the middle step of the stairs and of course i trip and fall. I literally fly up in the air and land right back on my spinal cord and go bouncing up and down the stairs until i get to the end. I let out a little yelp and run to the mirror that is right down the hall way and see that i have a purple bluish burse right on the end of my spinal cord. I run to get and ice then i go back to what i was doing going to my mom's room. When i get in the room my mom was changing in the bathroom so we were literally yelling. 

"Mom can  get a couple of new clothes from the mall today for school?"

"Yes hunny, sure whatever you would like just go put on some clothes and we can head out!"

"Great thanks mom ill be down in 20!"

"Alright sweety just hurry cause i have to drop your brother off at his guitar lessons!"


I run back up the stairs watching out where im going with the ice pack on my back. I close my door and open up my closet and i see that the only thing i have in my closest is some sweatsuits. All im thinking is what the HELL did i wear in middle school, did i really dress this ugly? So the only thing i could wear was a sweatsuit so i try and find the prettiest one which was this pink and gold one from juicy couture that i have never wore and put my hair up in a messy bun and ran down the stairs with my brother and mom staring at me like it took me forever, which it probably did but who cares...... right?

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