Just Because.

Another claaaaaaaaaassic One Direction fan fiction story, featuring the lovely Harry Styles.


1. Invisible

Ensemble. The word rang in my ears as tears welled up in my eyes. Not again, I thought to myself, Please, not again. But there my name was, right in the middle of the list. I scanned the other page. The other seniors (Ray, Steve, Ally, Shannon, and Ellis) all had large parts to sing in our high school's Musical Revue. Shannon was standing next to me with a huge grin on her face. A part of me wanted to get mad and lash out to her, but how could I? It wasn’t her fault that I didn’t get a solo. But it didn’t make things easier on me, that’s for sure.

I was reminded of the moment earlier in the year when I checked the cast list of Hamlet. All the other seniors had been cast in larger roles. But I was simply a “fate”. I was disappointed, but I found a way to make it fun. After all, it was my favorite Shakespearean play, with my best friends in the cast and crew, directed by my favorite teacher. But this time around, it’s way different. I HATE show tunes. I only did this because I thought I was a decent singer (by high school theater standards) and because my friends were doing it. 

I turned around and hurried down the hallway with my face to the ground so nobody would see me cry. I felt Shannon's arm around me as she caught up to me.

“What’s wrong, honey?” She whispered as she steered me into the bathroom. She always called me honey when I was upset, and right now it was making me cry even more. I looked up through the tears to see her brown eyes filled with concern. 

“This always happens to me...” was all I was able to get out before the sobbing happened. All I could imagine was my five friends standing on stage with their solos, while I sat in the back with the chorus like a loser. They would be the ones congratulated. They would be the ones people were really impressed by. I could see myself only getting a half assed ‘nice job’ by a few friends and maybe a thumbs up and a smile if I was lucky. 

Shannon wrapped her arms around me and rubbed me back, telling me how much she admired me for being a strong person and an amazing friend. I couldn’t really hear her though. I was just focused on my damaged ego. 

The rest of the day was just a blur...

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