Just Because.

Another claaaaaaaaaassic One Direction fan fiction story, featuring the lovely Harry Styles.


5. Go Time

We must've been in line for hours. It felt like days to me. We finally made it inside where I was handed a number and sorted into a group with about 200 other girls with blonde hair and glasses. Karlee was right. These girls were definitely trying to be sexy. A lot of their faces were caked with make up, and their long blonde hair was straightened. They were wearing really revealing clothes, except for the few younger girls who were dressed more like me. A lot of them had thick rimmed glasses too, and were dressed in the same nerd chic I had on the day before.

I suddenly felt self conscious in my One Direction t-shirt and cardigan, wishing I had dressed up a little. A while later we were moved into a smaller room with rows and rows of chairs crammed inside. I turned and saw Karlee and Shannon waving from the lobby one last time before they disappeared behind the wall. Finally, a man and woman, both with earpieces and clipboards entered. They called us row by row, and asked us to do a few turns and smile and whatnot before dismissing us. My turn came, and I stood sheepishly in the row of other girls, as we pivoted left and right. 

"Thank you ladies" The woman finally said. "We'll be in touch later this evening"

That was hours away


Karlee, Shannon and I sat on the beds in our room munching on fries and slurping milkshakes. The Princess Diaries was on TV, but none of us were really paying attention. Every so often, one of us would glance and my phone, which was in the center. It was about 7:00 now, and I was getting anxious. What if they didn't call? What if they lost my contact information, and chose another girl instead? What if she was prettier than me? What if they thought I was boring?

I stood up as the tears started to form. I had already been disappointed once this week, and I knew if I got rejected from this gig, I would be devastated. "I can't take this anymore!" I groaned, and stormed into the small bathroom to pee. 


Thats when it rang. I whipped around the corner, and snatched my phone. And then I just stared at it. It was definitely them, but I couldn't bring myself to hit answer. I tossed it back on the bed. 

"One of you answer!" 

"No way! This is all you!" Karlee exclaimed.

Shannon rolled her eyes at the both of us and answered the phone. 

"Hello? Yes this is she. Okay. Oka-yep. I understand. Thank you so much for calling. Buh-bye."

She hung up and set down the phone. She then proceeded to stuff her face with french fries and turn her attention to Anne Hathaway and Julie Andrews on the TV screen. Julie was showing Anne her new closet in the palace. 

"Huh. That might be convenient." She said rather nonchalantly, as Mia Thermopolis gasped, "I have my own mall!". I stood there, mouth open, wondering how I had not tackled her yet.

Karlee was standing next to me with a similar expression on her face. 

"And why is that?" She asked.

"Because," Shannon replied, eyes still on the TV, "That way Max would have more options for an outfit tomorrow." She smiled and faced me. "Congratulations, girly. They want to see you tomorrow morning for the next round of auditions!"

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