Just Because.

Another claaaaaaaaaassic One Direction fan fiction story, featuring the lovely Harry Styles.


3. Getting Ready

"What are you even doing, Max?" Karlee asked, as I leaned against the tree in her back yard, with my sexiest face on.

"Modeling?" I replied, my face turning red as I stood up straight and shrugged.

I had gone home with Karlee after school so she could dress me up and do my hair and makeup. I was wearing a short-sleeved olive dress with a belt and a grey sweater. I had black nylons and short black combat boots on my feet. She had experimented with curling my blonde hair, and she had put sparkly plum eye shadow on my lids to make my green eyes pop.

"Don't make that weird face. You look like a duck." She giggled, as she put down her camera. "Come over here." I walked over to where she was standing so she could tie my hair up with a large black ribbon. "You do realize that every girl that auditions is going to try and be sexy, don't you?" I shrugged again as she pulled out a tube of red lipstick and applied some to my lips. She handed me a crumpled tissue from her pocket so I could blot.

"What are you saying?" I asked, dabbing the tissue at my cherry red lips. "Well, you don't need to try. You're stunning. So, why don't we play it down a little. Be your self. Be your goofy, fun-loving, sweet self. Your picture needs to be a reflection of you, and knowing you, the phrase "sex-kitten" doesn't exactly come to mind.

"Well, yeah." I giggled. "So what do you have in mind?" Karlee looked around her yard for a minute. She looked behind me and smiled.

"Get in the tree." She said suddenly.

"What!?" I stared at her as if she had gone insane, but then I turned and looked at the tree. There was a branch that was low enough for me to get a boost on, and another one just a bit higher up that I could probably sit on. I turned back and smiled at her.

"Give me a boost, will ya?"


About an hour later, we were in Karlee's bedroom touching up the photographs she had taken on her computer. Her mom came in with fresh baked cookies and some chocolate milk. 
"Wow, Max! You look stunning!" She gasped at the image on the screen. It was pretty great, if I do say so myself. I had somehow managed to climb the tree, and was smiling sweetly at the camera. Karlee had fixed the lighting, so the picture was bright and vibrant, just like me. My self confidence was back from yesterdays let down, and I couldn't help but grin from ear to ear.

"Thanks, Lisa!" I called, as she walked back down the hallway. "And thank you, Karlee. These are absolutely amazing. I owe you big time." She smiled back and me, and then looked at her feet.

"Well..." She began, sheepishly, "I was hoping I could come with you to the audition... Not to try out, just to do your makeup and stuff. And maybe pick up your outfit?"

I beamed at her. "Of course! I couldn't imagine a better stylist!"


We printed out the pictures, and Karlee drove me home. We blasted One Direction the whole way. I went to bed that night with a copy of my new head-shots tucked under my pillow. Saturday couldn't come soon enough.

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