Just Because.

Another claaaaaaaaaassic One Direction fan fiction story, featuring the lovely Harry Styles.


4. Friday

The next day couldn't have gone any faster. Somehow I managed to survive until sixth period without dying of anticipation. Tonight was the night I went down to Boston for my first audition. It was nothing big, a beauty contest really. The judges wanted to make sure we had the "right look" for the video. We were going to take Karlee's car, (her and Shannon would accompany me to the audition) and then go eat some good old fast food to calm my nerves before heading to our hotel to await the judges' decision. I had barely eaten all day. Not because I was worried I'd look bloated for the audition, I was just pure terrified.

My teacher must've noticed, because he slid a packet of lays and a can of Diet Coke towards me during lunch. "What's going on with you today Maximus?" He asked, using my nickname given to me by my friends.

Mr. Meyer was the teacher that all the girls fantasized about. He was young, maybe late twenties, and he had dark hair and glasses. He was funny and sarcastic, but at the same time he demanded respect, and made sure his classes noticed the difference between work and play. I didn't really see what all the fuss was about. I saw him as more of a paternal/ father type figure to me than a silly crush. I popped the can open and took a huge swig.

"I have a big audition after school today. I'm going to be in a music video." I said, as I crammed a few chips into my mouth. He cringed.

"What kind of music video?" He asked, obviously a little concerned about how I would answer. I snorted, and almost choked on my chips.

"A One Direction video. And I plan on being fully clothed." I giggled as he let out a sigh of relief. The bell rang, and I snatched my back pack from up off the floor of the classroom. "C'mon, you know me, Mr Meyer. I will not be posing half naked on the hood of some rapper's car. You taught me better than that." He laughed and flicked a pen at me from his desk.

"Break a leg, goofball." He chuckled as I dodged the pen and rushed out the door.

"Thanks!" I called over my shoulder "And thanks for the snack!"


I made my way out to the parking lot where Shannon and Karlee were already waiting for me in the car.

"Get in, lunatic!" Shannon called from the back seat as I sprinted towards them. I tore the door open and dove. I couldn't help but squeal at the top of my lungs as we pulled out onto the street. My friends giggled, and once again we turned on One Direction as we made our way to Boston. 

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