Just Because.

Another claaaaaaaaaassic One Direction fan fiction story, featuring the lovely Harry Styles.


2. Bouncing Back

I don’t really remember driving home that day. I sat in the car for a few minutes bye myself with the radio on. One Direction was playing. The lyrics to What Makes You Beautiful filled the small space. I turned it up to drown out the sobs. I had never felt so self conscious before. But for whatever reason, I was humiliated at the thought of being the only senior without a solo, despite the fact that I hated most of the songs on the set list.


Eventually I gained enough control to go inside the house. My younger brother, Ryan, had his head in the refrigerator. He glared at me as I skulked past him, up the stairs, and into my room. I changed into my comfiest pajamas and my favorite sweatshirt and crawled into bed with my laptop. I went onto Youtube and looked up some of the group numbers the ensemble would be singing in the musical. They were okay. And there were some solos in them, so maybe I did have a chance...


I logged onto Facebook to see that I had a message from Shannon. It was a link to an article about an acting opportunity. It was titled, 'Music Video Auditions! A Chance to Hang Out with Your Favorite British Boy-Band!' With my jaw dropped, I read on to see that there were auditions this weekend right in Boston to be in a music video with One Direction! I sent Shan a quick thank you, and picked up the phone to call my friend Karlee.

"What's up girl?" She answered, right after the second ring.

"Hey are you free after school tomorrow? I need head-shots..."


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