It's Real

Ebony's got secrects and anger problems. A family that could care less about her. An abusive father and care-free ex-boyfriend. And a tragic life ahead of her.

Zayn's got friends and family that mean the world to him. A supportive family. And a free ride to sucess and happiness.

What happens when a control freak's and a pop-star's worlds collide?....

Only time will tell.


3. You Again


Ebony's POV.


I woke up thinking of him. I sat up sighing. I shuffled out of bed, walking into my closet. I digged through boxes of clothes, pulling out random articles of clothes. I walked into the restroom finally deciding on an outfit.


I stood in the bathtub, letting the hot water cascade down my body. I scrubbed every inch of my body,  then once again letting the water pour down on me. I repeated this action two more times before stepping out of the tub and drying my body. I put on lotion and deodorant and quickly shimmied into my clothes. I dried my hair and combed  through it until I was satisfied.


I smiled at my reflection applying clear lipgloss. "Time to go." I muttered. I slung my purse over my shoulder grabbing my phone and keys, walking into the cool,refreshing air of Bradford.


I hopped into the car driving to a small cafe. I ordered a cafe mocha, my favorite drink. I paid and ordered quickly, sitting down and grabbing my book from my purse.


I slowly sipped from the small cup as I finished the end of another exciting chapter. I stood up, closing my book and opening my purse. I gasped as hot liquid drenched my front side and my book.


"Oh shit! Im so sor-....It's you!" I looked up into the stranger's beautiful glowing eyes. "Don't you know how to finish an apology!" I shouted in his face.


"It's you.." he repeated. "What?" I twisted my face upwards in confusion.


"Kiss me." he stated the words I had just used last night. "W-What?!" I stuttered this time. "Kiss me." he growled pulling me onto his chest and leaning down towards my lips.


Our lips connected and automatically I knew who this was. Scratch that, I didn't know him, I knew his lips. I felt as if I was going to fall. My knees went weak but my arms wrapped around the mysterious stranger's neck. I felt like the kiss had lasted a hour, but I knew this was a simple kiss that had only lasted for several seconds.


I pulled away, " I've found you." he smiled down at me. I stepped back, " Aw, me. You don't even know my name." I smirked. "Well, I guess it's time for an introduction. Hi my name's Zayn Malik." he smiled waiting for my own name.


"Ebony. Ebony Crittenden." I smiled back. I sat down at the booth I had just raised from.


"So, tell me about yourself, Malik." I said as Zayn took a seat infront of me.

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