It's Real

Ebony's got secrects and anger problems. A family that could care less about her. An abusive father and care-free ex-boyfriend. And a tragic life ahead of her.

Zayn's got friends and family that mean the world to him. A supportive family. And a free ride to sucess and happiness.

What happens when a control freak's and a pop-star's worlds collide?....

Only time will tell.


1. Ready, Set, Go


I gasped, dragging the blade across my wrist as pain developed. I stood up, goining to the sink, letting water cascade over my wrist. I rinsed the razor off, then put back under the sink in it's cabinet.


I collapsed on my bed staring at the ceiling. I heard his foot steps as he climbed the stairs. I know he, my father, is drunk. I hid under the bed hoping he wouldn't look for me. The door swung open signaling that I was no longer alone. "Ebony!" he called. "Oh, Ellbooooowh-kneeeeeeeeeee!" he dragged.


I closed my eyes, praying silenty, 'please don't find me,please don't find me, please don't fin-' 


I gasped as I was pulled by my ankles from under my bed.


"You thought you could hide?"


"You really think you're smart eh?"


"Your little 'boyfriend' called!"


"Somethin' about the talent show!"


"I'm pretty sure you were horrible!"


"Becuase sluts aren't good for anything but a quick hit and run!"



With each slap of pain, courage builded up inside of me. When his hand came came down, ready to come in feirce contact with my skin. "Stop!" I screamed, my loud voice cuasing an echoe in my large, hallow room.


"Oh you're in for it now!" he yelled back.

"Oh really?! And who says I can't walk away from all of this now! This room, this family, this house, this life?!"

"If you leave, you aren't taking your phone or any of your clothes!"

"Really?! I don't see how I can't take the fucking shit I fucking paid for!Bitch I pay my fucking cell phone bill, and rent to stay in this hell you call 'home'!"

"You know what leave!" he lowered his voice,"I'm gonna sit here and watch you leave. Hell! I'll by you a fucking plane ticket to another country, and a flat!"

"Fine by me!" I said, getting my suitcase and two duffle bags and my floral backpack.


I packed my whole bed set in my suit case, pillows and all. I filled my duffle bags with every article of clothing I owned. I also stuufed into the bags my body-wash, deodorant, toohbrush, toothpaste, jewlrey, perfumes and lipgloss. In my backpack I put my laptop, phone, chargers, my wallet which caontained 2 credit cards and about two tosand dollars in american cash.


"Where are you going?" my father asked sitting on my bare bed.


I thought about it a moment saying the first place that came to my mind. "Bradford." I said quickly.

"Isn't that in England?"

"Why do you care?"

"Trust me. I dont."

"Good.Now can you just buy my fucking ticket?!"


He glared at me, I rolled my eyes. I looked around the dull room and grabbed my clock and lamp, pushing it inside my suitcase, the same suit case that contained my bed set.


I clomped downstairs with my suitcase, then my duffle bags and backpack. I sat on the couch waiting.


His feet slapped against the stairs, "Ya' know what there aren't any flights right now, so you're gonna go on my private plane."

"Whatever." I rolled my eyes.


I heard him pick up his keys and I stood up grabbing my bags. I speed-walked with my bags in mt hand, tossing them into the backseat of my father's mustang. I went back inside and grabbed my backpack and suitcase, doing the same with the bags.


I climed in the front seat of the car closing my eyes and falling asleep.



Pain rushed in my cheek pushing my head to the side. "Wake you sorry ass up, we're here." his voice boomed.


A woman came rushing up beside me helping me get my bags and board the plane. I walked up the aisle dropping my bags and sitting in the couch.


"Bye bitch!" my father called.

"Goodbye asshole." I growled back.

I closed my eyes as the captain's voice boomed, "We will now be approaching take-off, please buckle your seat belts."


I buckled my seat belt closing my eyes, falling into a dreamless sleep.



Hi my name is Ebony Monique Lindsey-Crittenden. I was born August 24, 1995. I have my mother's last name. I am 17 years old and just finished high-school. I live with my rich father and spoiled brothers. I am the only girl in my immeadiate family. My mother died when I was four. I have big brown eyes and a thick frame.


My favorites:

Color:Purle, Blue, Lime-green

Song: Jar of Hearts

Artist(s): Alicia Keys, Demi Lovato, Gym Class Heroes, Maroon 5, Adele

Holiday: Christmas

Number: 112

Activities: singing, writing poems, and performing.

Animal: Panda


Things I hate:

My father


My birthday

Chewing loudly

Show offs



Sports on television


Pools, Oceans, Bodies of Water I can't stand up in


The dark


One Direction



This is the story of how I discovered the preson, the people and the things I can't live without. How my whole pespective was changed. This is th story of my second shot of happiness.



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