It's Real

Ebony's got secrects and anger problems. A family that could care less about her. An abusive father and care-free ex-boyfriend. And a tragic life ahead of her.

Zayn's got friends and family that mean the world to him. A supportive family. And a free ride to sucess and happiness.

What happens when a control freak's and a pop-star's worlds collide?....

Only time will tell.


2. falling for the Stranger

Ebony's POV.


I looked around my new apartment, sctatch that, my new flat. I had finally got done unpacking and decorating in my room. Suprsingly my father had bought me a car.


I looked at the time, 10:00. I lived five minutes away from a club, why not go. I looked down at my clothes, not too shabby, I applied some clear lipgloss and stuffed it in my pocket. I grabbed my iphone and wallet.


I smiled as I grabbed my keys and walked out the door, locking it behind me. I hopped into the mustang , driving down the road.


After a quick five minutes I was pulling into the small cramped parking lot. I climbed out the car walking into the club. The smell of strong cologne and alcohol hit me insantly. Music boomed and got me hooked to the melody instantly. I shuffled toward the dance floor, grinding on the first person the took control of my hips.


A low groan escaped his lips and I smirked walking away, well at least tried to. "Where do you think you're going slut?" his low voice snarled in my ear.


"Over there, to my boyfriend." I pointed to the first guy I saw watching me.


His green eyes traced my finger to the boy, " I'm pretty sure if he wanted you like I do he would have been over here." he whispered. He trailed kisses up and down my neck forcing my butt down on him.


I just wanted to dance, not get knocked up. I squirmed under his grip, trying to walk in my ' boyfriend's ' direction. He noticed my struggling and walked over smoothly. "Let go of my girl bro'." he said his raspy accent turned me on.  I walked into the srangers' arms and grinded on him.


Green eyes stared not convined that we were a couple. I turned around looking into my ' boyfriend's ' gorgeous hazel eyes. I stood on my tip-toes "Kiss Me." I whispered. He looked down at me, the closed his eyes, as did I. Our lips finally touched, sparks flying and butterflies startling my belly. He took the kiss a step fowarder, pulling up on my thys. I jumped wrapping my legs around his waist.He licked my bottom lip begging for enterance. I teased him only opening my my mouth slightly. One of his arms stayed supporting me while the other pichned my nipple. I gasped from the sudden contact. I felt him smirk before he shoved his tongue in my open mouth. After a minute of kissing we both pulled away, gasping for air.


I was done. He watched me as I walked out the club. i jogged to my car, slipping into the seat and driving away.


Zayn's POV.


We pulled away at the same time. The girl let her feet fall to the ground. I looked around to make sure he was gone, and he was.


I looked up, seeing the girl walk away. I couldn't let her get away after a kiss, like, like... like that.


I speed walked toward her trying to not look too desperate for a glimpse of her face, or know her name. Her walk turned into a sprint. She slipped in her car and drove away.


Just like that she was gone. I let her get away after a kiss like... that.  



I laid in bed thinking of her, her lips, her short legs wrapped around mine. I had flirted all day today. And yet, she is the only thing that was on my mine. Not only her but her kiss too.


Ebony's POV.


I laid in bed restless. I was tired but I couldn't bring myself to go to sleep.


I brought my hand up to lips touching them. Some of the magic from his lips transferred to my fingertips, making them tingle. My eyes rolled to the back of my head at the thought of the kiss.


This was the first time I had felt like that during a kiss. It was.... intoxicating. I loved the feeling and I wanted more.


This was a new obsession. I was already addicted. And the pain of not having those lips on mine was just starting.


"Stupid." I mumbled. If I had stayed ten mre secods I could have probaly had his lips on mine again.


I smiled comiing at peace with myself, having my plan on how to have those lips just one more night.


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