True Meaning of LOVE

this is like rated r so if you're under 13 i wouldn't read this. just a warning. hope you like it............


2. way to school

Brittney's P.O.V


i walked into Alicia's car and sat down "shit" i forgot my sunglasses. "whats up Britt" " i forgot my sunglasses" "why do you need your sunglasses" "from the party last night we went to, i drank so much, and i so tired" "thats why i didnt drink a lot" " i may have drank a lot but at least i didnt try to fuck with bill, the fat guy" "true" we laughed until a stoplight, and then i asked if she had any bronzer or anything to cover the circles under my eyes. she handed me her purse and i grabbed it out of it and put it on. "hey Alicia this is a weird ? but are you still a virgin" " yea im about to do it with jake soon what about you" "yea" after i said that i looked at my feet and blushed, she looked at me " Britt you have to tell me everything"


**Flashback (sex scene)

(Brittney talking)**


 "two weeks ago on the weekend Bradley's parents went on a cruise so we had the weekend to ourselves. i put on my sex dress he bought me with the red ribbon that goes on my leg, with red silky thongs, and a red bra that only covers the points of my boobs. it is really cute, but i looked like a hooker and a stripper. i have no clue where he got it either. well first we fell into a passionate kiss. i wrapped my legs around him and he took me to the bedroom and layed on top of  me. he kissed at my neck i knew he was giving me a hickey, i didnt really want one but i didnt care. while he was kissing my neck he was unclipping my bra. once he took my bra off he pecked and bit the points lightly. i let out a moan.i took his shirt off and went over top of him, i started licking his abs and petting them he moaned. i smiled on his abs and kissed down. i took off his pants and slid his boxers off. i started playing with his dick. i started licking, kissing, and sucking on it like his dick was a Popsicle.he started moaning a lot and i was teasing him with it too. he was so impatient to go inside me so he took off my thong. i brought my lips back up to his lips and he reached in the drawer and grabbed a condom. he put it on and asked me for permission. i nodded my head . he went inside me let me adjust and started trusting harder and harder all i could say was. "aww fuck yea. thats the spot. fuck me harder bradley. aww fuck, fuck, fuck it feels so good" he smiled. at first it hurt but then it even'ed out. after he pulled out i layed next to him and we were all covered in sweat. i wrapped my legs around him and took me to the shower"



Brittney's P.O.V


"there that is every single detail that happened" Alicia just smiled. after i told her we arrived at school.

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