True Meaning of LOVE

this is like rated r so if you're under 13 i wouldn't read this. just a warning. hope you like it............


1. waking up

Brittney's P.O.V


This morning i was so tired, last night i went to this party and drank a lot. I heard my mom screaming "get up . You're going to be late for  school. I have work so i cant drive you and there's no cars to drive. So get up." I decided to wake up too. i straightened my hair and put little curls on the end. i put on tight black skinny jeans with a pink tank top with a loose blue shirt. I ran down stairs, got my book bag ready and called Alicia to see if she could take me to school. "hello" "o hi Brit whats up" "can you give me a ride to school" "yea be there in 5". I hung up the phone and put toms on and walked outside. 


Alicia's P.O.V


I was on my way to Britt's, got my keys and got into my car. When i was driving i thought i saw that one guy from one direction. Whats his name... um.. o i think its Perry. o no that's one of their girlfriends, o yea its harry. i don't care if it was him anyway, i'm not a very big fan. I'm more of a music type loving person. well who cares... I was finally pulling into Britt's driveway, and waited for her to get into my car. 

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